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Relics equipping screen (GBA).

Relics (アクセサリー, Akusesarī?, lit. Accessory) are accessories in Final Fantasy VI that form a character customization system. In this system, which was conceived and designed by Hiroyuki Ito, each character can equip up to two relics which provide special bonuses. Not every character can equip every relic, as some can only be equipped by specific characters. Temporary playable characters cannot equip relics. The mobile/Steam version has no separate equip screen for relics, and they are equipped in the main equipment menu.

The majority of the relics can be bought in shops, while others must be found or dropped from enemies. Several shops change their inventory during the course of the game; therefore not all relics listed on this page as being sold by a shop will be available at that shop at all times.

List of relics[]

Relics serve to give the party various abilities, enhancements, and bonuses to attributes depending on what relics they have equipped. Below is a list of relics equippable by the party, organized by the types of effects they provide.

Status immunity[]

These relics grant status immunity to the wearer.

Name Effect Obtained Characters Cost
Silver Spectacles
Protects against Blind. Buy: South Figaro (WoB), Albrook (WoB), Nikeah
Steal: Harvester, Cherry
All 500
Silver-rimmed spectacles. Prevents darkness.
Star Pendant Protects against Poison. Find: Imperial Camp
Buy: South Figaro, Nikeah (WoB)
All 500
Star-shaped pendant with a jewel at its center. Prevents poison.
Jeweled Ring
(Jewel Ring)
Protects against Petrify. In the SNES version, this relic's description says it also protects against Blind, but it does not. Buy: South Figaro (WoB), Narshe (WoB, before acquiring the Blackjack), Tzen (WoR), Albrook (WoR), Thamasa (WoR)
Steal: Dadaluma
All 1000
Handsome ring set with a large gemstone. Prevents petrification.
Fairy Ring Protects against Poison and Blind. Buy: Nikeah (WoB), Narshe (WoB, before acquiring the Blackjack), South Figaro (WoR), Thamasa (WoR) All 1500
Ring imbued with a fairy's magic. Prevents poison and darkness.
Peace Ring Protects against Berserk and Confuse. Buy: Albrook (WoB), Jidoor (WoB), Tzen (WoR), Thamasa (WoR)
Drop: NeckHunter, Kefka
All 3000
Ring that soothes the wearer's mind. Prevents berserk and confusion.
Amulet Protects against Poison, Blind, and Zombie. Buy: Tzen, Albrook (WoB), Nikeah (WoR), South Figaro (WoR)
Steal: Borghese, Outcast, Bit
Drop: Borghese, Cloudwraith
All 5000
Protective charm worn around the neck. Prevents poison, darkness, and zombie.
White Cape Protects against Imp and Silence. Increases Defense by 5, Magic Defense by 5, and Magic Evasion by 10%. Find: Returner Hideout
Buy: Mobliz (WoB), Nikeah
Steal: Ultros
Drop: Tzakmaqiel, Illuyankas
All 5000
Flowing white silk cape. Prevents imp and silence.
Ribbon Protects against Blind, Zombie, Poison, Imp, Petrify, Silence, Berserk, Confuse, Sap, and Sleep. Find: South Figaro, Narshe Mines (Moogle Cave), Phoenix Cave, Kefka's Tower, Dragons' Den
Steal: Brachiosaur, Guardian, Ultima Weapon
Metamorphose: Misty, Cherry, Pandora, Coco, Level 80 Magic
Initial: Kefka
Silk ribbon enchanted with powerful protective magic. Prevents all status ailments.
Safety Bit Protects against Zombie, Petrify and Death attacks. Find: Cultists' Tower
Steal: Fiend
Metamorphose: Level 90 Magic, Holy Dragon, Lunatys, Alluring Rider, Baalzephon, Clymenus, Level 60 Magic
Tiny sphere that whirls around the owner's hand. Prevents petrification, zombie, and instant death.
Memento Ring
(Safety Ring)
Protects against Zombie, Petrify and Death attacks. Find: Thamasa
Steal: Wrexsoul
Initial: Relm
Shadow, Relm
Ring blessed by departed mother's love. Prevents petrification, zombie, and instant death.

Status effects[]

These relics grant permanent status effects on the wearer which cannot be dispelled or removed by certain enemy spells or abilities such as Vengeance.

Name Effect Obtained Characters Cost
Protect Ring
(Guard Ring)
Grants Protect status to the wearer. Buy: Thamasa (WoR), Jidoor (WoR) All 5000
Ring enchanted with Protect. Casts Protect on the wearer.
Reflect Ring
(Wall Ring)
Grants Reflect status to the wearer. Find: Narshe, Imperial Observation Post
Buy: Albrook, Thamasa, Narshe (WoB, after acquiring the Blackjack), South Figaro (WoR)
All 6000
Lustrous silver ring enchanted with Reflect. Casts Reflect on the wearer.
Angel Wings
(Cherub Down)
Grants Float status to the wearer. Find: Imperial Observation Post

Buy: Jidoor (WoR), Auction House (WoB)
Steal: Ninja

All 6300
Wings said to have been made from an angel's feathers. Casts Float on the wearer.
Hermes Sandals
Grants Haste status to the wearer. Find: South Figaro, Zozo, Imperial Observation Post
Buy: Narshe (WoB, after acquiring the Blackjack), Thamasa (WoB), Tzen (WoB), South Figaro (WoR)
Steal: Behemoth
All 7000
Winged sandals enchanted with Haste. Casts Haste on the wearer.
Angel Ring
(Cure Ring)
Grants Regen status to the wearer. Find: Imperial Observation Post
Buy: Auction House (WoB), Nikeah (WoR), South Figaro (WoR), Thamasa (WoR)
Steal: Apocrypha
Metamorphose: Holy Dragon, Typhon, Alluring Rider
All 8000
Ring adorned with a pair of silver angel wings. Casts Regen on the wearer.
Guard Bracelet
(Pod Bracelet)
Grants Protect and Shell statuses to the wearer. Find: Narshe
Steal: Fiend Dragon
Drop: Wrexsoul
Metamorphose: Holy Dragon, Alluring Rider
Coliseum: Bet Hero's Ring
Bracelet enchanted with a protective charm. Casts Protect and Shell on the wearer.
Miracle Shoes
(Marvel Shoes)
Grants Protect, Shell, Regen and Haste statuses to the wearer. Metamorphose: Veil Dancer, Amduscias, Blade Dancer
Coliseum: Bet Rename Card
Marvelous shoes with a number of useful enhancements. Casts Haste, Protect, Shell, and Regen on the wearer.
Cursed Ring Inflicts Doom status on the wearer. Also teaches Banish at a rate of x5. Metamorphose: Ahriman, Daedalus, Behemoth King
Coliseum: Bet Cursed Shield
Ring said to have been forged by Death himself. Casts Doom on the wearer at the start of battle.


The following relics are related and focus on increasing the wearer's stats. In the Super Nintendo version, the Evade bug made the Evasion stat useless.

Name Effect Obtained Characters Cost
Prayer Beads
Increase Evasion by 20. It makes the wearer evades 50% of all blockable physical attacks, this ability has nothing to do with the 20% increase in the Evasion stat it provides. Find: Doma Castle
Buy: Nikeah (WoR)
All 4000
Beads used in meditation by warriors of a foreign land. Boosts evasion.
Hyper Wrist Increases Strength by 50%. Find: South Figaro, Phantom Train, Narshe, Tzen
Buy: Nikeah (WoR)
Steal: Chimera
All 8000
Studded bracelet that radiates a mysterious power. Boosts the wearer's strength.
Muscle Belt Increases max HP by 50%. Steal: Glasya Labolas
Drop: Skull Dragon
Belt worn by martial artists. Boosts maximum HP by 50%.
Crystal Orb Increases maximum MP by 50% Find: Dragons' Den
Steal: Magic Master, Ultima Buster
Drop: Gold Dragon
Coliseum: Bet Muscle Belt
Powerful magic orb sealing away a mysterious power. Boosts maximum MP by 50%.
Zephyr Cloak
(Zephyr Cape)
Increases Evasion and Magic Evasion by 10%. Find: Magitek Research Facility, Zone Eater's Belly
Buy: Nikeah (WoR), Auction House (WoR)
Coliseum: Bet Air Anchor
All 7000 (10,000 in the Auction House)
Cloak inhabited by the spirit of a wind sprite. Boosts evasion and magic evasion.
Bone Wrist Increase Strength, Speed, Stamina and Magic by 5.
Increase Defense, Magic Defense, Evasion, Magic Evasion by 10.
Boost HP and Strength by 50%.
Increase damage and magic damage by 25%. Attacks becomes unblockable.
If the character whom Umaro tosses (Berserker Ring effect) has Bone Wrist equipped, the damage increase is applied to the toss.
Find: Dragons' Den
Coliseum: Bet Dueling Mask
Carved bone wristband that grants yetis great power.

Command abilities[]

The following relics affect the character's battle commands directly, such as upgrading command abilities into new ones, improving them, or granting new powers when the character who has these specific command abilities equips them.

Name Effect Obtained Characters Cost
Thief's Bracer
(Sneak Ring)
Doubles the success rate of Steal. Increases Agility by 5. Find: Narshe
Buy: Tzen (WoR)
Steal: Dadaluma, Mugbear
Locke, Gogo 3000
Bracer inhabited by the spirit of a thief. Increases the success rate of the Steal command.
Brigand's Glove
(Thief Gloves)
Changes Steal into Mug. Find: Zozo
Steal: Devil Fist
Coliseum: Bet Thief's Knife or Thief's Bracer
Locke, Gogo
Leather glove designed to aid in banditry. Changes the Steal command to Mug.
Fake Moustache
Changes Sketch into Control. Find: Zone Eater's Belly
Steal: Still Life
Relm, Gogo
Artificial mustache once worn by a circus ringmaster. Changes the Sketch command to Control.
Heiji's Jitte
(Coin Toss)
Changes Slot into Gil Toss. Find: Cave to the Sealed Gate Setzer, Gogo
Exotic weapon from a foreign land. Changes the Slot command to Gil Toss.
Berserker Ring
(Rage Ring)
Allows Umaro to throw allies at opponents for increased damage; thrown allies are freed from conditions like confuse or sleep. Increases Strength by 5, nullifies lightning-elemental damage, and absorbs fire-elemental damage. Relics Umaro has equipped do not affect the throw damage, but the relics the thrown ally is wearing do. Find: Cave on the Veldt
Coliseum: Bet Blizzard Orb
Deep crimson ring that absorbs fire damage. Equip on a yeti and see what happens.
Blizzard Orb Allows Umaro to randomly use "Snowstorm". Increases Magic by 5, nullifies fire-elemental damage, and absorbs ice-elemental damage. Find: Ancient Castle
Coliseum: Bet Berserker Ring
Dark, swirling orb that absorbs ice damage. Equip on a yeti and see what happens.
Soul of Thamasa
(Gem Box)
Changes Magic into Dualcast. Find: Cultists' Tower
Steal: Red Glutturn
All except Umaro
Ancient Thamasan orb enshrining a wondrous power. Changes the Magic command to Dualcast.
Dragoon Boots
Changes the Attack command into Jump. Find: Magitek Research Facility
Buy: Thamasa, Tzen
Steal: Harvester, Wyvern, Platinum Dragon
All except Umaro 9000
Steel boots made for dragoons. Changes the Attack command to Jump.
Dragon Horn Enhances the user's Jump command to hit 2 to 4 times instead of just once. Find: Phoenix Cave
Coliseum: Bet Celestriad, Ward Bangle, Gold Hairpin, or Safety Bit
Drop: Great Dragon
All except Umaro
Horn inhabited by the spirit of a dragon. Makes the effect of the Jump command continuous.
Master's Scroll
Allows the user to attack four times in a row with half the attack power of a regular attack. Added abilities (including auto-criticals) will be disabled for most weapons, unless the wearer wields the Kazekiri, Hawkeye or Sniper. Coupled with the Genji Glove relic, the user can attack eight times in succession. If the character whom Umaro tosses (Berserker Ring effect) has Master's Scroll, the damage penalty is applied to the toss. See also: Master's Scroll bug. Drop: Samurai Soul
Steal: Yellow Glutturn
Initial: Leo
Proof of a warrior's weapon mastery. Allows the bearer to attack four times per turn.

Support abilities[]

The following relics grant the wearer specific support abilities, and some of them are only triggered under certain conditions.

Name Effect Obtained Characters Cost
Gauntlet Allows user to use two hands to equip a weapon to boost damage. Increases Defense by 5. Not compatible with all weapon types. Find: Returner Hideout, Yeti's Cave, Kefka's Tower All
Steel hand and forearm guard used by knights. Allows one weapon to be held with both hands.
Genji Glove Allows user to equip two weapons at once. Increases Defense by 5. Due to a bug, damage is reduced by 25% whenever a character equips a Genji Glove, but only one weapon; the damage algorithm was supposed to give this reduction when two weapons are equipped. Find: Returner Hideout, Cave to the Sealed Gate, Cyan's Dream, Dragons' Den
Steal: Dragon, Gilgamesh
Metamorphose: Samurai, Yojimbo
All except Umaro
Armored glove from a foreign land. Allows the wearer to equip a weapon in each hand.
Mythril Glove
Casts Protect when user's HP is low. Increases Defense by 6. Find: Imperial Camp
Buy: Narshe (WoB, before acquiring the Blackjack), Jidoor (WoB), Albrook (WoR)
Steal: Devil
All 700
Lightweight glove made of mythril. Casts Protect when the wearer is critically wounded.
Barrier Ring Casts Shell when HP is low. Increases Magic by 2. Find: Imperial Camp
Buy: Narshe (WoB, before acquiring the Blackjack), Jidoor (WoB), Albrook (WoR), Thamasa (WoR)
Drop: Harvester
All 500
Ring enchanted with a limited version of Shell. Casts Shell when the wearer is critically wounded.
Princess Ring
(Czarina Ring)
Casts Protect and Shell when HP gets low. Buy: Nikeah (WoR), South Figaro (WoR), Jidoor (WoR), Thamasa (WoR)
Drop: Air Force
Terra, Celes, Relm 3000
Beautiful ring designed to protect a royal daughter. Casts Protect and Shell when critically wounded.
Knight's Code
(True Knight)
Allows the user to automatically Cover for party members whose HP are low. Find: Returner Hideout
Buy: South Figaro (WoB), Jidoor (WoB), Narshe (WoB, before acquiring the Blackjack), Albrook (WoR)
All 1000
Book detailing knighthood's moral code. Causes the bearer to cover critically wounded allies.
Black Belt Gives its wearer a 50% chance to counterattack when physically struck. If Umaro equips it, he may counterattack with any attack he can currently perform. Buy: Tzen, Narshe (WoB, after acquiring the Blackjack), Thamasa (WoB)
Drop: Captain
All 5000
Black cloth belt from a distant land. Wearer will sometimes counter physical attacks.
Gold Hairpin Halves the MP cost of all spells. Find: Narshe (in WoB by saving Lone Wolf instead of Mog), Mt. Zozo, Ancient Castle
Coliseum: Bet Crystal Orb, Dragon Horn, or Ribbon
Solid gold hairpin brimming with magical energy. Halves the MP cost of all magic.
Makes all magic spells, Lore spells, and esper summons cost 1 MP. Find: Dragons' Den
Steal: Galypdes, Kaiser Dragon, Blue Glutturn
Drop: Brachiosaur
Coliseum: Bet Soul of Thamasa
All except Umaro
Necklace with three star-shaped bangles on its chain. Reduces the MP cost of all magic to 1.
Merit Award Allows the user to equip whatever he or she normally cannot. Exceptions are: Relics, female equipment, costumes, Ultima Weapon (SNES only), Bone Club, Royal Crown, and Snow Scarf. Coliseum: Bet Cat-Ear Hood or Excalipoor All except Umaro, Gau, and Gogo (version-dependent)
Badge awarded in honor of great achievements. Allows the wearer to equip any weapon or armor.
Lich Ring
(Relic Ring)
User is considered undead. Healing spells damage user, and Death effects heal them. Reverses the effects of all absorption attacks. Find: Jidoor
Drop: Abaddon
Metamorphose: Behemoth King, Daedalus, Ahriman
Initial: ??????
Ring affected by a curse from beyond the grave. Makes the wearer undead.
Alarm Earring
(Back Guard)
Prevents back attacks and surrounded attacks. Find: Imperial Palace, Imperial Observation Post
Steal: Misfit
All 7000
Earring capable of detecting enemy ambushes. Prevents back attacks and attacks from the sides.
Gale Hairpin Increases the rate of Preemptive Attacks. Find: Imperial Palace
Buy: Nikeah (WoR)
All 8000
Hairpin imbued with the power of wind. Increases the frequency of preemptive strikes.
Gigas Glove
(Atlas Armlet)
Increases physical damage by 25%. The effect does not stack. If the character whom Umaro tosses (Berserker Ring effect) has Gigas Glove equipped, the damage increase is applied to the toss. Find: Mt. Kolts
Buy: Albrook (WoR), Jidoor (WoR)
Steal: Hill Gigas
Initial: Leo
All 5000
Glove said to have belonged to a mighty gigas. Boosts the wearer's physical attack power.
Increases magic damage done by the wearer by 25%. The damage bonus stacks. Find: Phantom Train, South Figaro, Narshe
Buy: Albrook, Narshe (WoB, after acquiring the Blackjack), Tzen, Jidoor (WoB), Thamasa (WoB)
Steal: Brainpan, Ahriman
All 5000
Earring that boosts the strength of the wearer's magic. Effect increases when worn in pairs.
Hero's Ring
(Hero Ring)
Increases all damage done by its wearer by 25%. Magic bonuses stack, but physical bonuses do not. If the character whom Umaro tosses (Berserker Ring effect) has Hero's Ring equipped, the damage increase is applied to the toss. Find: Dragon's Neck Cabin, Figaro Cave, Zone Eater's Belly, Kefka's Tower
Buy: Auction House (WoR, Only one)
Coliseum: Bet Guard Bracelet
Golden ring once worn by an ancient hero. Boosts both physical and magical attack power.
Sniper Eye
(Sniper Sight)
Makes all physical attacks by the user unblockable. Find: Phantom Train
Buy: Albrook (WoB), Jidoor (WoB), Narshe (WoB, after acquiring the Blackjack), Thamasa (WoB), Tzen (WoR)
All 3000
Scope that allows the wearer to lock onto a target. Ensures that physical attacks never miss.
Growth Egg
(Exp Egg)
Doubles the wearer's experience gained after battle. Find: Darill's Tomb.
Metamorphose: Vasegiatta, Marchosias, Galypdes
Drop: Gargantua
Coliseum: Bet Tintinnabulum
Strange egg with magical properties. Doubles the amount of EXP earned in battle.


These relics take effect outside of battle unlike all the relics above.

Name Effect Obtained Characters Cost
Sprint Shoes Allows the party to walk faster in towns and inside dungeons. Buy: Gau's father's house (WoB), Mobliz, Narshe (WoB, before acquiring the Blackjack), Returner Hideout, South Figaro (WoB), Thamasa (WoB), Albrook (WoR)
Initial: Maduin
All 1500
Shoes enchanted to make the wearer move faster. Doubles walking speed.
Allows the user to restore HP every time a step is taken on the World Map, in towns, and in dungeons. Find: Mobliz, Imperial Palace
Coliseum: Bet Megalixir, Growth Egg, or Miracle Shoes
Metamorphose: Stray Cat
Drop: Tonberry
Collar with a small bell that rings as the wearer walks. Restores HP with each step taken.
Ward Bangle
(Charm Bangle)
Reduces the rate of random encounters by half. Find: Imperial Palace
Coliseum: Bet Snow Scarf, Molulu's Charm, or Lich Ring
Bronze wristband enchanted with a protective ward. Lowers the rate of random enemy encounters.
Molulu's Charm
(Moogle Charm)
Eliminates all random encounters. Find: Narshe Mog
Mysterious moogle charm. Prevents all random enemy encounters.

Other appearances[]

Some relics from Final Fantasy VI also appear in other games: Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, Pictlogica Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy Record Keeper, and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.



The word relic comes from the Latin reliquiae, meaning "remains" or "something left behind" (the same root as relinquish). In religion, a relic usually consists of the physical remains of a saint or the personal effects of the saint or venerated person preserved for purposes of veneration as a tangible memorial.