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Reliable Partner is a time-limited event where Keiss from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario may include characters not yet recruited by the player.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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Shrewd Rebel:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

  • ???: ...So now I'm in a different world. Is that right?
  • Materia: Yes. This world draws ever closer to danger. Won't you lend us your strength?
  • ???: Haha! Are you serious?
  • ???: You're asking the guy who refused a queen's request. As if a goddess would be much different.
  • Materia: So you are in need of a different reason.
  • Materia: I understand. I will open the way for you. Then you can judge this world with your own eyes.
  • ???: Where does it lead?
  • Materia: One of your comrades is ahead. He should be able to help you understand our world.
  • ???: I feel like I've seen this before...
  • ???: Well, no point in waiting around. Thanks, goddess Materia.

  • Keiss: Never been here before... But that doesn't necessarily mean I'm in a different world.
  • Keiss: If I'm going to judge this place with my own eyes, I need to get my hands on some information.
  • Keiss: ...Didn't that goddess say one of my comrades would be here?
  • Keiss: Could she have meant Layle? I couldn't find him anywhere, but...

(Keiss sees the Emperor setting traps)

  • Keiss: (What's that guy up to? Is he setting a trap?)
  • Keiss: (He looks like armed military, but doesn't appear to be a Lilty...)
  • Keiss: (But judging from his demeanor, he's upper class. Perfect for getting information.)
  • Keiss: (I'll trail him for a while. He won't notice me at this distance...)

(Keiss steps onto a trap, but escapes before it goes off)

  • The Emperor: So you managed to evade my attack.
  • Keiss: (He noticed me!? I underestimated him.)
  • The Emperor: A new face, I see... Who are you?
  • The Emperor: No... Tell me: who summoned you?
  • Keiss: (I see... So the goddess has enemies. I had better tread carefully.)
  • Keiss: You appear to be of noble blood. Could you please help me?
  • The Emperor: ...What?
  • Keiss: I was suddenly thrown into this place and don't know what to do with myself.
  • Keiss: But it appears this world has seen better days.
  • Keiss: Even if only for a little while, would you mind if I accompanied you?
  • Keiss: You've seen how I can move. Why not let me work for you?
  • The Emperor: ...Hmph. You bore me.
The Way of Partners:
  • Keiss: Could you find it in yourself to help me?
  • Maria: What is that man doing!?

(The rest of the party arrives)

  • Layle: (Huh? Is that...Keiss?)
  • King: Scheming something, most likely. I guess it's up to us to cut it short.
  • Layle: (He's talking to the Emperor. Maybe he's trying to get information out of him...)
  • Keiss: Stop right there!
  • Layle: I get it. I won't go over there.
  • Keiss: ...I found you, crystal bearer!
  • Keiss: He's a long-time rival of mine... Why don't you leave this to me?
  • The Emperor: ...So you two hail from the same world.
  • Keiss: Let's settle this, crystal bearer!
  • The Emperor: There's no need for that.

(The Emperor sets a trap on Keiss)

  • Keiss: Wh-what!?

(Layle protects Keiss from the trap with gravity)

  • Keiss: Gck...!
  • Maria: But...I thought you were friends!
  • The Emperor: I have no memory of such folly. He was just a worm wriggling where he didn't belong.
  • The Emperor: Did you really think I would believe you? What a pathetic spy...

(The Emperor disappears)

  • Celes: Then who is he...?
  • Layle: A fine performance as always, Keiss.
  • Keiss: Seriously? That's how you greet me after all this time?
  • Keiss: Well, I owe you one, crystal bearer.
  • King: I see. So Layle sent you flying before you could get caught in the trap.
  • Layle: Pretty good teamwork, wasn't it? We've worked together before.
  • Keiss: More importantly, Layle...
  • Keiss: What are you doing here?
  • Layle: It's not my fault. I was just brought here.
  • Keiss: You...?
  • Keiss: Don't you know how worried everyone was about you!?
  • Keiss: I've had my hands full restoring the guild while looking for you!
  • Layle: ...Well, at least you got one thing squared away now.
  • Keiss: Wh-what!?
  • Layle: Since we've got some time here, why not come with us?
  • Layle: This is Keiss. He's an old partner of mine.
  • Celes: I'm sorry for my mistake earlier. You're one of Layle's friends, then.
  • Layle: He catches on quick, so don't go easy when teaching him about this place.
  • Keiss: (Layle sure is friendly with these people... And they don't seem afraid of his power.)
  • Keiss: (I thought something shady was going on, but I have no choice but to believe it if Layle says so... I've made up my mind.)
  • Keiss: Nice to meet you guys! It looks like I'll be in your capable hands from now on!
Breaking Barriers:
  • Keiss: There are only four tribes back home, so seeing this many different kinds of people is really new to me.
  • Freya: Interesting, isn't it? It makes one realize how diverse the worlds out there are.
  • Keiss: If there were this many races back home, I feel there would be fewer quarrels.
  • Terra: There were wars in your world, too, weren't there?
  • Keiss: Well...a certain tribe monopolized power.
  • Keiss: So there was inequality between the four tribes. Selkies like me created a guild to survive.
  • Penelo: Inequality... I guess that exists anywhere.
  • Penelo: The man who looked after me was from a different tribe, but he was very popular and good at his job. So I was surprised.
  • Ramza: ...But even people of the same tribe can experience inequality.
  • Barret: If there weren't, the slums wouldn't exist.
  • Penelo: You're right... There's disparity even among us here.
  • Keiss: Right? In that case, you can't keep quiet. You need to take power back with your own hands.
  • Keiss: That's why I joined the army. To pull down those on top.
  • Keiss: I was able to climb the ranks that way, but the stubborn Guild Master told me never to show my face around there again.
  • Barret: Hahaha! You've got guts, kid!
  • Ramza: But don't you feel uneasy without that support? It's like having no one at your back.
  • Keiss: Selkies tend to value our independence, so I wasn't too torn up about it.
  • Terra: ...Even still, you worked hard for your tribe?
  • Penelo: You're very thoughtful of your friends, Keiss!
  • Keiss: Hah, that's a new one.
  • Freya: Perhaps you are fit to become a guildmaster yourself.
  • Barret: She's right! That's right up your alley!
  • Keiss: You guys don't miss a thing. Actually, I'm doing something pretty similar now.
  • Penelo: Then your world will definitely change! As long as there's one person who wants it to change.
  • Terra: Right. Even if they're from a different tribe, you can join hands and work together.
  • Keiss: We'll probably be alright. Our new queen is working toward harmony.
  • Keiss: And she wanted me as High Commander. I don't think she has any intention of monopolizing power.
  • Ramza: How nice... The beginning of a new age for your world.
  • Keiss: That's why I want to show it to Layle. He helped make it all possible and still doesn't know.
  • Penelo: Layle?
  • Keiss: Yeah. He's the hero who saved our world.
  • Keiss: And after he saved the world...
  • Keiss: He disappeared without a word.
  • Keiss: Almost like he was blown away by the wind. Like some kind of nomad.
  • Terra: Haha. He sounds like Bartz! Exploring the world, going wherever the wind takes him.
  • Penelo: That's right. I wonder why they stay here with us... They don't act like that at all around us.
  • Keiss: Yeah. To be honest, I was quite surprised to see Layle staying in one place here.
  • Keiss: ...Oh, and he hates talk like this, so don't tell him I told you.
  • Keiss: Hehe, thanks. Well, I guess it's off to our next destination!

(Everyone leaves, except Keiss)

  • Keiss: How weird...
  • Keiss: Maybe it was more comfortable for him being treated like a normal human here.
  • Keiss: Tch. I probably gave him too much credit to think it didn't bother him.
  • Keiss: Well, he was treated like a heretic back home.
  • Keiss: I wonder if he thinks the world still rejects him...
  • Keiss: What an idiot. I have to drag him back home on the double and have everyone give him a piece of their mind.
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