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A regional dominance mission.

When the dominion launches an occupation campaign against its enemies, fulfilling the victory condition will end the mission and result in success, but triggering the losing condition will result in game over.


Regional Dominance missions, also called RTS missions or overworld skirmishes, are special missions in Final Fantasy Type-0 using Real Time Strategy. Each mission takes place in a specific region of Orience, and has one winning and one losing condition. Triggering the winning condition wins the mission and receiving all earned rewards. Triggering the losing condition results in a Game Over. Regional Dominance missions are parted into the overworld and the infiltration phases.


Let me explain the situation on the ground, kupo!


To start the mission the player has to enter the respective region and re-accept as the mission menu pops up. At the beginning of each Regional Dominance mission, Mog explains the situation, showing a map of the area highlighting the enemy's and the dominion's HQs, as well as what plans he and the Dominion of Rubrum has/have to reach the winning condition in the most efficient way. Mog reveals the recent objectives and the instructing officer gives status reports on the current situation (instructing officers are either Kasumi or Tachinami).

All Regional Dominance missions are optional, including those offered as part of the main story.

Overworld Phase[]

The player starts next to the dominion's HQ during the overworld phase.


The dominion capturing a base.

Towns, bases and strongholds (henceforth collectively referred to as "domains") are spread over the region which, at the time the mission commences, mostly belong to the enemy. Each base is categorized in one of three ranks, marked with the number of ensigns above their names (which also feature the respective color of the Crystal-State to which they belong), starting with one ensign for the weakest ones and ending with three ensigns for the strongest ones. The rank of the base indicates the power of the units deployed and the power of the attacks during defense position. Each domain keeps deploying units towards the next key-location until it gets reached by enemy units and enters defense position. Allied domains grant high MP regeneration to the player in immediate reach.

There are three statuses the domains can have:

  • Deploying Units - The domain is sending troops towards a targeted domain. If Class Zero has command over a domain, they can order which type of unit is deployed, and against which target.
  • Defense Position – The domain has raised its defenses and interrupted deploying any units. It will attack any surrounding enemy ground unit.
  • Protective Wall – The base or stronghold is protected by a regenerative wall. Enemy bases and strongholds protected by a wall cannot get captured by the dominion's units on the first attempt, but have to be infiltrated by Class Zero.


During Regional Dominance, Class Zero can cast offensive spells and perform normal attacks while on the overworld, but is prevented from using abilities (depleting the AG gauge) and some defensive spells. The player can call for Mogvice (Triangle+Circle), or ride a chocobo (Square+X) to enhance their field combat capabilities. While riding a chocobo the player cannot use magic and the normal attack changes to Chocobo Kick, dealing damage equivalent to the chocobo's offensive abilities.

Class Zero[]

Class Zero is the only "unit" controlled by the player but features different characteristics. Class Zero can be enhanced by riding a chocobo, run freely over the battlefield, and is not being attacked by domains in defense position. However, Class Zero cannot damage dominions by themselves. An enemy unit will attack Class Zero whenever it is damaged, but is not killed by the player, or when Class Zero is standing immediately in front of the unit. Moreover, these attacks cannot be dodged unless riding a chocobo with evasive abilities, no matter the distance.

Infiltration Phase[]

To initiate the infiltration phase, the protective wall of a base or stronghold has to be neutralized and the player has to approach the respective base or stronghold. When entered, Class Zero enters a sub-mission under normal gameplay, using the member active during the overworld phase and the first two members listed in reserve. These sub-missions generally feature a minimal number of areas and culminate in the defeat of an enemy officer. Upon completing the sub-mission, gameplay returns to the overworld phase, with the current party leader acting alone once more.

Special Tasks[]

During certain circumstances, Mog will task the player with special tasks which are not required to complete to win, but grant advantages. In almost every case the reward for completing a special task is Class Zero getting the command over one or several domains. Special tasks vary from defending allied domains over eliminating special units to unique assignments during infiltration phase.


There's been a change in the enemy's movements. Be careful.


Each domain deploys standarized units to occupy and capture enemy domains. Units inherit the rank of the domain they are deployed from.

Dominion Units[]

  • Blaze Unit – Dominion legionaries who specialize in camp- and base-razing Fire Magic
  • Spark Unit – Dominion legionaries who specialize in machine-disabling Lightning Magic
  • Frost Unit – Dominion legionaries who specialize in monster-slaying Ice Magic

Imperial Units[]

  • Infantry – A footsoldier unit consisting of low-ranked Troopers
  • Warrior – A MA unit consisting of medium-ranked Warrior MAs, vulnerable to Lightning Magic
  • Colossus – A MA unit consisting of semi-high-ranked Colossus MAs, vulnerable to Lightning Magic
  • Helldiver – A MA unit consisting of high-ranked Helldiver MAs, vulnerable to Lightning Magic

Kingdom Units[]

  • Petrifeye – A monster unit consisting of low-ranked Petrifeyes, vulnerable to Ice Magic.
  • Cargapace – A monster unit consisting of semi-high-ranked Cargapaces, vulnerable to Ice Magic.
  • Wingvern – A dragon unit consisting of medium-ranked Wingverns, vulnerable to Ice Magic.
  • Ragevern – A dragon unit consisting of high-ranked orange wyverns, not seen outside of regional dominance missions, vulnerable to Ice Magic.

Special Units[]

Special Units are units which are not necessarily deployed from a specific domain, but have greater influence on the battlefield. Their rank is predetermined and some of them don't have to be deployed by a domain.

  • Dominion of Rubrum
    • Azuma Unit (rank 2) – Class Tenth cadets led by Azuma who specialize in machine-disabling Lightning Magic
    • Kiyo Unit (rank 3) – Class Third cadets led by Kiyo who specialize in machine-disabling Lightning Magic
    • Enra Unit (rank 3) – Class First cadets led by Enra which specialize in camp- and base-razing Fire Magic
    • Ryo Unit (rank 1) – Class Fifth cadets led by Ryo who are too weak to be let anywhere near the field
    • Yamato Unit (rank 3) – Dominion legionaries led by Yamato who specialize in monster-slaying Ice Magic
    • Shijima Unit (rank 4) – Dominion legionaries led by Shijima who specialize in monster-slaying Ice Magic
    • Izumo Unit (rank 5) – A dominion dreadnought unit piloted by Izumo who cover the legionaries by firing Autocannons

Fighting a Mid-sized Carrier.

  • Militesi Empire
    • Autoturret (varying ranks) – A fixed autoturret which fires repeatedly onto domains and units
    • Mid-sized Carrier (rank 2) – An airborne unit who maneuvers over the battlefield aiming for domains
    • Colonel Faith (rank 4) – An airborne MA piloted by Colonel faith, aiming for both domains and units
    • Dreadnought (rank 5) – An imperial dreadnought unit firing highly damaging rockets at domains and Class Zero
    • Vigilante (rank 5) – An upgraded Varja-type MA rapidly firing high-damage rockets or extending electric missiles at Class Zero and domains
  • Kingdom of Concordia
    • Flyvern (rank 3) – An airborne unit firing fire-elemental missiles at domains and Class Zero
    • Atmosvern (rank 4) – An airborne unit firing missiles at domains and units.

List of Regional Dominance missions[]

Mission Level Type Region Obtained
Pet. I (March 1), 842 - Operation Reconquista 13 Main Scenario Rubrum Region Chapter 2
Gla. XIX (June 19), 842 - Expelling the Empire 36 Expert Trial Iscah Region Chapter 3
Ter. XXIII (July 23), 842 - The Reclamation of Eibon 23 Main Scenario Eibon Region Chapter 5
Ter. XXVIII (July 28), 842 - A Charge on the Border 38 Expert Trial Meroë Region Chapter 5
Gel. XVIII (October 18), 842 - Operation Dragon Slayer 45 Expert Trial Roshana Province Chapter 7
Sil. XII (November 12), 842 - The Kingdom's Final Hours 34 Main Scenario Rilochy Province Chapter 7
Sil. XXII (November 22), 842 - The Climactic Clash at Azurr 48 Expert Trial Azurr District Chapter 7

Musical themes[]

The 5th theme from the soundtrack, "Wings on Fire," is the theme used in RTS missions.