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Regina Konigin is a minor supporting character in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. She is the reigning champion of Queen's Blood, and is challenged by Cloud Strife during the card game's tournament aboard the Shinra-8.


In "Blood in the Water", Regina took a ferry from Junon to Costa del Sol, during which time she met Cloud and the rest of his party. She bumped into the party briefly, before later being revealed as the penultimate challenger and reigning champion in the Queen's Blood tournament held aboard the ferry.

During "Fool's Paradise", she partook in companion card minigames on Costa del Sol, Cloud teaming up with her for the Card Carnival.

Regina Konigin possessed from FFVII Rebirth

Regina possessed.

Cloud later met Regina at Gongaga and again bested her in Queen's Blood, but Regina was not her usual cheery and confident self, instead appearing distracted and nervous. After winning against all other players, Cloud learned that his final Queen's Blood opponent was somewhere in the Gongaga Region. He ventured to some ancient ruins in the region and met Regina there, learning that she held the Shadowqueen's card and had become possessed by it. Cloud was confident he could win with his newly-acquired Emerald Witch card, said to be the one card able to counter the Shadowqueen.

Regina became possessed by an evil aura and almost killed Cloud in the aftermath of their game, but Vincent Valentine intervened. Regina was released from possession, realizing that she had become unhealthily obsessed with the game and winning. The Shadowqueen card bound back into the card with the Emerald Witch's power.



Regina is a young adult woman with a dark-tan skin complexion and hair dyed bright pink. The hair closer to the roots appears brown. She has two space buns in the Japanese odango hairstyle. Regina has a pair of heart-shaped gold earrings, and a black choker with a gold heart pendant. Her outfit is inspired by streetwear fashion, with a shirt and hoodie, along with plaid red shorts and leather belt accents. She wears a sweater tied around her waist.


Regina is initially stand-offish with the party. She takes being reigning champion of Queen's Blood very seriously, and sees the party as a threat to her title. Over time however, she warms up to the party and even teams up with Cloud.


Regina first appears in the quest "The Queen's Blood Tournament" in chapter 5, "Blood in the Water". After defeating several opponents, Cloud faces her to challenge her title as the reigning champion of Queen's Blood.

Later in chapter 6, "Fool's Paradise", Regina and Cloud team up during the "Win Cloud's Beachwear" quest, having the same companion card for the Card Carnival minigame.

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Regina is a Late Latin feminine name meaning "queen". Its diminutive is often Gina.

Her surname means "queen" in modern German and is a word root denoting the same in other Germanic languages.

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