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Regenga in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings.

Regenga (リジェネガ, Rijenega?, lit. Regenega) is a recurring spell in the Final Fantasy series. It is an upgraded version of the recurring Regen spell, bestowing the Regen status to all allies within an area of effect, causing the target to gradually recover small amounts of HP over time.


Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings[]

Regenga bestows the Regen status, and is learned by Ashe and the Time Mage.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[]

Regenga is a clan ability available from the General Training II clan trial. The ability causes all playable party members to gradually have a large amount of HP restored during their individual turns.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

Trance Regenga's icon.

While an ability known as Regenga does not appear in the game, Eiko has an Ultra Soul Break known as Trance Regenga (トランス・リジェネガ, Toransu・Rijenega?, lit. Trance Regenega) available once the player obtains her Light Robe (IX) relic. The ability causes her to instantly grant all allies the Regenga status and allow them to perform their actions with a shorter charge time for 2 turns, while also temporarily granting Eiko Empowered Infusion for wind.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin[]

Regenga is White Magic spell available for Jack when charging the Regen spell for a period of time. The ability causes the entire party to gradually restore HP for a period of time. Regenga can only be used by Jack when serving as the White Mage or Sage jobs.


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