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Regeneration is a Blue Magic spell from Final Fantasy XI. It can be learned by Blue Mages at level 78.


The spell is learned from Sea Monks enemies that use the ability. Due to the level the spell becomes available to learn, players would find it best to attempt to learn the ability from higher level Sea Monks in the Sea Serpent Grotto or Arrapago Reef.

Despite having access to ability, Blue Mages cannot learn Regeneration from Leech enemies.


When used, Regeneration grants a Regen effect similar to Regen III, which restores 300 HP slowly over 90 seconds at a rate of 10 HP per tick. The spell is the Blue Mage job's means of granting themselves the status without the use of sub-jobs that have access to the default Regen White Magic. The effect of the spell can be spread among the party with the use of the Diffusion job ability, however Blue Mages will likely not use this combination outside of solo content with Trusts.

It costs 2 Blue Magic Points to set. When set, it grants MND +2 stat bonus to the player. Unlike most Blue Magic spells, Regeneration does not produce a job ability with other spells. It takes 2 seconds to cast and can be recast every 60 seconds.