Gradually restore HP over time.


Regen is a magic spell in Final Fantasy VII Remake. It is provided by Healing Materia Healing Materia at level 3, and restores 10% of a character's maximum HP and applies the Regen Regen buff. This buff lasts three minutes, and restores a character's HP by 1% every two seconds, totaling 100% of their max HP once the buff runs its course.

Use[edit | edit source]

Regen costs 6 MP to cast, and initially provides a 10% cure to a character's HP, before curing them by 1% of their max HP every two seconds for three minutes, equating to 90 ticks, or 100% of a target's HP when the spell has run its course. As the Regen buff is opposed to the Poison Poison debuff, casting Regen on a poisoned character will apply the initial heal and remove the Poison, but will not apply Regen. Unlike the other three healing spells (Cure Cure, Cura Cura, and Curaga Curaga), Regen is independent of a character's Magic Magic attribute.

Regen can be used effectively with Magnify Materia Magnify Materia to apply the Regen buff to all characters. Although it will not affect the amount of healing each tick with the Regen buff, it will reduce the initial heal of casting the spell, and will shorten the duration of the buff. However, it is overall more MP and ATB-efficient than applying Regen to each character individually.

The effect of Regen can be improved via various equipment. The Enchanted Ring lengthens duration by 30%, meaning Regen will last 54 seconds longer (providing 27 additional ticks) in total. Many weapons can also extend buff duration further. Though Healing Carcanet will not affect the heals provided each tick by the Regen buff, it will slightly improve the initial heal of casting the spell to 12% of the target's max HP.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

"Regen" is shortened form of "regeneration".

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