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FFVI Regen Status

Regen is a status in Final Fantasy VI. A character with the Regen status will periodically recover a small amount of HP. The effect is the opposite of the Sap status. The amount has some random variation. The higher the stamina stat is, the more HP the character will be healed, as will higher max HP, to a point (healing before variation is capped at 255).

The amount of HP recovered through Regen is as follows:

(if this value is greater than 255 it is set to 255)

HP gained through regen occurs approximately every 8.5 seconds. If a character has immunity to regen, they also gain immunity to sap, and vice versa, and the other status can never be applied during battle.


Spells Regen
Summons Kirin

In addition, the following puts the wearer under permanent Regen:

Enemy abilities[]

Ability Description Enemy
Green Cherry Grants Protect, Shell, Haste, and Regen to one target. Yeti
Regen Grants Regen to one target. Level 60 Magic, Cherry


The following are immune to Regen:

Machine, Power, Rest

The following have Regen automatically applied to them: