Gradually restores HP


Regen is a restore magic spell in Final Fantasy VII. It is granted by the Restore Materia at level three, and when cast, applies the Regen status effect, which restores 1/32 of a character's max HP every four seconds.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Magic Materia Restore, Master Magic
Effect Applies Regen status effect.
MP cost 30
Compatible Support Materia Added Cut, All, Final Attack, HP Absorb, Magic Counter, MP Absorb, MP Turbo, Quadra Magic, Sneak Attack, Steal as well
Reflect Yes

Use[edit | edit source]

Regen applies the Regen status effect, which heals a character for 1/32 of their max HP every four seconds. This can effectively negate weaker attacks and also provide sustainability for many of the longer fights against challenging enemies and bosses. Regen can also be particularly helpful in the Battle Square and in the Pagoda sidequest where the player only has one party member.

Restore should be paired with the All Materia to allow the player to apply the Regen status effect to all allies. This is because Regen has a fairly high MP cost, and it is much more efficient to apply it to all members rather than only one.

Regen can also be used to damage undead enemies over time. However, it is often better to use other curative spells, such as Cure2 or Life to more quickly kill them.

Regen is cast by the optional boss Gorkii.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

"Regen" is shortened form of "regeneration".

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