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Gradually restores the target's HP.


Regen is a Healing spell in Final Fantasy VI. It grants the regen effect to one target, restoring their HP over time. The spell is learned through magicite.

Regen is also an enemy ability cast by Level 60 Magic and Cherry.


Regen is taught by Kirin, Seraph and Lakshmi at a x3, x10, and x20 rate respectively.


The regen status will periodically recover a small amount of HP to a character with the status. The effect of regen is boosted by the character's Stamina, and somewhat by their HP. Healing before variation is capped at 255.

The regen effect is opposed by sap, and the two cancel one another out.


Regen is a slow-acting heal that is relatively cheap to cast. Though it costs more than a Cure spell, its effects are less immediately useful than other heals (such as Cura and Curaga). Regen can be used in longer battles, such as boss battles, but should not be a substitute for healing.

Regen is unaffected by the caster's Magic stat. As such, the spell can be taught to every party member, who can each cast the spell on themselves in a battle if needed. If the party does not have a member with Soul of Thamasa, Celestriad, or Gold Hairpin, the spell should be used primarily be party members who are not spellcasters, as they have much more MP to spare than spellcasters who need to use their MP on spells affected by their Magic stat, such as curative or offensive spells.

As alternatives to the spell, regen is provided by summoning Kirin, and equipping the Angel Ring.