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Regalite was a currency in King's Knight -Wrath of the Dark Dragon-. As a premium currency, it operated over and above zell. Unlike zell, Regalite did not play a role in the story.

Types of Regalite[edit | edit source]

Regalite is divided into two classes, based on its method of acquisition:

  • Normal Regalite was earned through play. One (1) Regalite was earned per listed quest objective (e.g. completing a quest stage without a party unit KO'd, defeating a boss with a King's Might maneuver, scoring a perfect stage); three (3) Regalite were earned for completing a mission where applicable; and five (5) or more were given as a Login Bonus.
  • Prime Regalite was purchased via the in-game shop. Purchases of higher-value packages usually included a bonus pack of normal Regalite.

Function[edit | edit source]

Regalite was used in the following tasks:

  • Expanding in-game inventories of weapons, accessories, and friend follows.
  • Gacha spins for units and/or weapons.
  • Continuing in the event of a game over, where permitted.

Order of precedence[edit | edit source]

Unless otherwise stated, normal Regalite were applied first, though Prime Regalite were considered higher value and less may have been needed. However, Prime Regalite offered at least one guaranteed success in a gacha spin.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Regalite is a name sometimes attributed to the extremely rare blue jasper. It is comprised of the Latin stem regal- (from regis, "king"), and the Greek suffix -ites (ultimately from lithos, "stone"). Thus, regalite might roughly translate to "king's stones".

More likely, however, is that Square Enix used the word to keep with the themes of King's Knight.

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