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Augmented refresh item

Refresh is a stat in Final Fantasy XI which determines how many MP are regained per tick. Although it has a base value of 0 for players, it may be increased by the Auto Refresh job trait, equipment with +Refresh stats, infusing certain Atma, being infused with certain Atmacite while participating in Voidwatch, and by receiving status effects such as Refresh, Ballad, Evoker's Roll, or Diabolos's Favor. It is also rare but possible to have a negative value of Refresh, by equipping Hexed equipment that has not yet been uncursed with an Abjuration; such gear has negative values for both the Refresh and Regen stats.

Note that only certain types of Augmented Equipment list Refresh as a stat with the notation "Refresh +1"; all other equipment list +Refresh as "Adds 'Refresh' effect". Despite this misleading phrasing, no equipment actually adds the Refresh status when worn, and multiple pieces of equipment with "Adds 'Refresh' effect" stack. Most equipment that "Adds 'Refresh' effect" is Refresh +1, but a few pieces are Refresh +2.

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