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Doubles the strength of spells by using Reflect.


Reflectx2 is a support ability in Final Fantasy IX for Vivi that allows his black magic to deal double damage when reflected. Reflectx2 costs 17 Magic Stones to activate, the second-most of any ability in the game. Reflectx2 can make Vivi the strongest damage-dealer in the party.


Reflectx2 is learned from Black Robe and Rosetta Ring for 110 AP. Wearing both equipment pieces at the same time masters the ability at double the pace.

Black Robe is synthesized at Daguerreo and found using a Dead Pepper on foaming Water near southern tip of Forgotten Continent while riding Choco. South of forgotten continent The player could get there after they gain access to the Blue Narciss if they prioritize Chocobo Hot and Cold to level Choco up. Black Robe can also be stolen from Lich.

Rosetta Ring is also first found with Choco, by using a Dead Pepper at a mountain crack at eastern part of Lost Continent. Lost continent crack The player could get it after they have the Blue Narciss if they advance in the Chocobo Hot and Cold quest. Rosetta Ring is also synthesized in Black Mage Village in the endgame, obtained for giving 10 Stellazzio coins to Queen Stella, and obtained from the Friendly Yan, by either defeating it in battle or by appeasing it with a Diamond.


With Reflectx2 equipped, Vivi's black magic spells deal double damage when reflected. The player should have a party member with Reflect, and then cast Vivi's spell on them and it will bounce onto a random enemy target. If all of the party has Reflect, multi-targeting a spell off the party hits random enemies multiple times for half damage, though this is combined into a single group-cast overpowered spell that cannot exceed 9999 damage.

Status magic spells that do not deal damage are unaffected, but Demi is enhanced with Reflectx2 even if it is a fractional damage ability.

The following spells cannot be reflected: Osmose, Drain, Comet, Meteor, and Doomsday.


Reflectx2 is excellent for enhancing Vivi's magic. The player can outfit their party with Auto-Reflect, have Eiko or Dagger as healer with Reflect-Null (or the party can rely on Auto-Regen and Auto-Potion), and then have Vivi group-cast -ra or -ga level elemental spells off the party to hit the enemy with a spell that deals 8x damage; this can be further boosted by targeting the enemy's elemental weakness and by Vivi's Elem-Atk gear. Good combinations would be using Red Hat for powered up Firaga, or to wear Magician Cloak for bolstered Blizzaga. If the enemy resists these elements, Vivi could also wear Mag Elem Null; this way, the spell is still empowered by Elem-Atk, but the enemy does not resist it (but it becomes impossible to target elemental weaknesses).

By the endgame, the player is most often not fighting groups of enemies, as all bosses left, and all enemies in the final dungeon, and all the new enemies on the world map besides Mistodons, appear alone. Against lone enemies, Vivi will easily reach 9999 damage per casting without needing to use Focus with the aid of Reflectx2.

The downside is that Vivi would need 17 Magic Stones for Reflectx2, and 15 Magic Stones for Auto-Reflect, 32 in total just for this setup. Vivi has 32 Magic Stones from Level 33 onwards, and so the player will have enough by the endgame in a casual playthrough, but Vivi might not have many stones left over for other abilities, such as Half MP or Auto-Regen or immunity abilities. Instead of using Auto-Reflect, the player could simply summon Carbuncle, but when bestowed this way, Reflect lapses, and Vivi is in danger of striking himself or a party member with magic by accident. However, most enemies and even enemy groups would die from one multi-targeted double-powered spell, especially if aimed on their weakness.

For a simpler set-up, the player can have just one party member as the dedicated Auto-Reflect wearer, and Vivi can target his single-target spells from them onto the enemy, such as the spell Flare that cannot be multi-targeted and will easily reach the damage cap this way. Vivi can then afford to equip Half MP. Amarant can also be brought along to support Vivi's MP use with Chakra. In the endgame, he can empower it with Power Up as well.

In Vivi's Trance, he could reflect two spells off the party on his turn.

Behind the scenes[]

The first releases of Final Fantasy IX Remastered for mobile had a hazardous bug involving Reflectx2, where saving the game while the ability was equipped caused Magic Stones to deplete and abilities to disappear. This was fixed in a patch.