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Reflectable Magitek Beams Bug 1

Terra's Ice Beam being reflected back to Terra.

The reflectable Magitek beams bug is a bug in Final Fantasy VI that appears in every version of the game. It involves the status Reflect and the Magitek's beams. The programmers forgot to flag these three beams as Not Reflectable. The bug causes harmless effects, such as minor graphical glitches, when the beams' graphics appear on certain battle backgrounds.

Reflectable Magitek Beams Bug 2

Terra's new placement after using 3 Magitek Beams.

The bug also causes permanent character displacement that lasts until the end of battle. When a character uses a beam on a Reflect-protected monster, the attacker will step forward and try to perform the selected beam attack. This forces the character in the first slot to use the walking animation while standing still and next use the blast animation of the beam while the reflected beam will strike a random party member. Curiously, the reflected shield animation or sprite of the Reflect spell does not appear on the monster the beam struck, which implies the beams were not intended to be reflectable. The attacker, or the one who picked the beam, will not return to his previous position. The character will stay in his new position, which will look out of place. This bug can be performed multiple times making the character(s) move closer to the monster(s).

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