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Reflect magic temporarily


Reflect is an indirect magic spell in Final Fantasy VIII. The spell induces a status that temporarily causes magic cast against the target thereafter to be reflected at the opposing party. It can also be junctioned to boost stats, providing the third-best boost to Spirit.


Reflect is a rare spell that an be drawn from various enemies. It can also be refined from a Dragon Skin or Glow Curtain using the Guardian Force Leviathan's ability Supt Mag-RF. Dragon Skins are most readily available from Anacondaurs.



Reflect applies the Reflect status effect, which causes most single-target magic cast against the target to be reflected onto the opposing party. It lasts 32 seconds.

Reflect can be cast using the Magic command or Selphie's Slot Limit Break. Casting Reflect in battle increases compatibility with Carbuncle by 1, and with Cerberus by 0.2, but lowers compatibility with Diablos and Eden by 0.2 as well.

Reflect can also be applied by summoning Carbuncle, or by using Carbuncle's support ability Auto-Reflect. This means it is often better to junction the ability rather than cast it.

Junctioning Reflect provides the third-highest boost to Spirit of any spell, and can also be used to provide strong resistance against most status effects.

Ruby Dragon casts Reflect onto itself if the party has the status. Other enemies that use it are: Abyss Worm, Adamantoise, Blue Dragon, Buel, Edea (2nd), Elite Soldier, GIM47N, Glacial Eye, Lefty, and Sorceress (A).

Casting Reflect onto a target who already has the status, reflects the spell rather than replenishing duration.