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Director of Urban Planning, Reeve is in charge of both the management and upkeep of Midgar. Unlike the rest of his colleagues, he is concerned about the slums and aims to improve living conditions for the people there. The black sheep of the group, the other executives scorn him.

Reeve Tuesti is a major recurring character in the Final Fantasy VII series. He is a minor supporting character in Final Fantasy VII with an expanded role in Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. He also appears in numerous entries of its extended universe as a supporting character, including Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- and Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-.

Reeve is the executive director of the Shinra Electric Power Company's Urban Planning division. He is virtuous and honest in contrast to the other executives, who scorn his good faith and dedication to Midgar's citizens over profit and performance. Reeve later founded the World Regenesis Organization, a volunteer organization aimed at restoring and protecting the planet.

Reeve is an "Inspire" and has the ability to breathe life into inanimate objects, allowing him to control various Cait Sith bots. He initially uses a Cait Sith to spy on Cloud's party and steal the keystone, but eventually sympathizes with their cause and joins them.


Before Final Fantasy VII[]

Reeve was born in 1977 to Ruvie and an unnamed father. He was close with his parents and raised in the country.[3] At some point, he was promoted to executive director of Shinra's Urban Planning division where he designed the layout and construction of Midgar, including the mako reactors.[4][1]

Original continuity[]

Avalanche Insurgency[]

Reeve supported the suspension of Shinra's space program following the crash in Rocket Town after "Onward to the Distant Heavens" in Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-.[5] During "The Choices We Made in the Beginning and the End", he used Cait Sith to secretly meet with the Turks, gave them the location of a missing support materia needed to save Elfe, and revealed his true identity, eager to help his old friend Verdot. Reeve later had Cait Sith flee during a monster attack, regretting the robot's lack of combat skills. After Cait Sith was dismembered by monsters, Reeve directed the Turks to gather and reassemble the parts. He informed them about a backup controller inside Cait Sith before leaving for a meeting.[6][5]

During the events of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, Reeve sent emails to Zack Fair with updates on the Midgar Construction Project.[7]

Jenova War[]

Reeve ff7

Reeve disagrees with Heidegger and Scarlet.

During "To Corneo Hall" in Final Fantasy VII, Reeve opposed the Sector 7 plate drop operation during a meeting with President Shinra, citing his personal attachment for Midgar, which were also shared by Mayor Domino.[8] Following Sector 7's collapse, a board meeting was held about a mako rate increase during "Storming the Shinra Building". Reeve proposed rebuilding Sector 7 and shared the costs. However, a denying President Shinra insisted on prioritizing the Neo Midgar plan instead. Reeve and Scarlet were tasked with dividing the extra income from the rate increase, but Reeve was concerned raising the rates would cause Midgar's people to lose confidence in Shinra.[9]

Wall VII 05

Reeve controls Cait Sith, posing as a fortune-teller at the Gold Saucer and later joining Cloud's party.

Reeve controlled Cait Sith during "Sanctuary of Amusement", posing as a fortune-teller at the Gold Saucer and spying on Cloud Strife's party for Shinra. When Cloud acquired the Keystone, Reeve used Cait Sith to steal it and delivered it to Tseng. Reeve also remotely coerced Cloud's party into keeping Cait Sith around, using a hostage Marlene Wallace as leverage.[10] However, he regained the party's trust during "Within the Temple of the Ancients" after helping solve puzzles in the City of the Ancients.[11] Reeve witnessed Aerith Gainsborough's tragic death through Cait Sith during "Parting with Aeris", recognized the party's dedication to saving the planet from Sephiroth, and ultimately joined them.[11]

Reeve used another Cait Sith to rescue a severely wounded Tseng from the collapsing Temple of the Ancients.[12] Reeve later utilized Cait Sith during "That Which Waits in the Northernmost Reaches" to rescue Tifa Lockhart and Barret Wallace after Sephiroth regained his true form and summoned Meteor.[13] Sometime after returning Bugenhagen to Cosmo Canyon during "What Aeris Left Behind", Reeve informed Elmyra Gainsborough of Aerith's death, later bringing her and Marlene to safety in Kalm.[14]

Reeve, under Rufus Shinra's orders, adjusted the reactor's output to bolster the Sister Ray during the "Mako Cannon Rampage". Using Cait Sith, he allowed Cloud's party to eavesdrop on a conversation between himself, Scarlet, and Heidegger about Midgar's situation and the reactor's dangerous automatic increase. Reeve realized Professor Hojo's involvement and cautioned against firing the cannon to prevent Midgar's destruction. After the Shinra Building was damaged by the Diamond Weapon and Rufus allegedly died, Reeve accidentally revealed to Heidegger and Scarlet that Cloud's party was coming and they arrested him for treason.[15] Before journeying to the Northern Cave during "The Planet's Judgment", Reeve temporarily deactivated Cait Sith when Cloud questioned the party's reason for fighting, but reactivated to help confront Sephiroth. Meanwhile, Reeve also evacuated Midgar's citizens to the slums in preparation for Meteor's impact.[16]

Geostigma crisis[]

Reeve established the World Regenesis Organization to restore the world around the events of Final Fantasy VII: On the Way to a Smile, fully embracing his anti-Shinra views. He worked with Verdot and the other Turks in Junon.[12] During Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Reeve saw ads for Cloud's Strife Delivery Service and called him with a job offer. Reeve later sent Cait Sith to help Cloud's party against Bahamut SIN in Edge. Reeve also coordinated the WRO to gather scrap and rubble from Midgar to aid with the construction of Edge.[17]

Episode Denzel - Reeve

Reeve interviews Denzel.

During On the Way to a Smile -Episode: Denzel- Final Fantasy VII, Reeve visited Johnny's Heaven to interview Denzel, a former Geostigma-inflicted orphan under Cloud and Tifa Lockhart's care. Denzel recounted his experiences, including the destruction of Sector 7 and the aftermath of Meteorfall. He also revealed that he befriended Reeve's mother, Ruvie, after the Sector 7 incident until she passed from Geostigma. An eavesdropping Johnny opposed enlisting Denzel into the WRO, prompting Reeve's decision to no longer allow children into the organization. Reeve then thanked Denzel for looking after his mother and left.[12]

Deepground War[]

Reeve Tuesti

Reeve led the war effort against Deepground.

During "Sea of Flames" in Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-, Reeve disguised Cait Sith as himself and asked Vincent Valentine to join the WRO against Deepground. He fought with Vincent against Tsviets and forced their retreat, but reported they were also attacking Edge.[18] During "Showdown in the Wastes", Reeve briefed Vincent on Deepground as they rode to Edge on Shadow Fox until ambushed by guard hounds. Reeve then directed Vincent to the city, where a WRO squad awaited. Reeve stayed behind to repair Shadow Fox, planning to return to headquarters afterward.[19]

During "Headquarters Under Siege", Reeve and Shalua Rui oversaw Vincent's recovery after a chaotic encounter with Rosso. Reeve was curious as Shalua revealed Vincent had the Protomateria inside him. They were interrupted when Deepground soldiers led by Azul assaulted WRO headquarters. Reeve, in sync with Cait Sith, defended the headquarters and directed Vincent to pursue Azul. Reeve and Shalua were later confronted by Shelke Rui, but Reeve's attempts at reasoning failed. Vincent intervened and sedated Shelke. Reeve then collaborated with Vincent to defeat Azul. Before Vincent departed for the Shinra Manor in Nibelheim, Reeve warned of Deepground's presence, suggested using the sewers for entry, and vowed to uncover Deepground's secrets using Cait Sith.[20]

Reeve, operating Cait Sith, infiltrated Midgar during "Manor of Despair" and discovered Deepground had the dormant Omega Weapon. He alerted Vincent and Yuffie Kisaragi, recalling them to headquarters to plan for an upcoming assault. However, Deepground suddenly attacked, prompting Reeve to order the WRO army to mobilize. During the attack, Reeve was targeted by a Heavy Armor missile.[21] During "Deepground Strikes Back", a half-conscious Reeve was ashamed for failing to be a hero of the Jenova War, but Vincent comforted him. He emphasized the completion of the Omega Report from the Shinra Manor's data before launching an attack on Midgar, later obtaining the missing data with Shelke's help. Reeve then rallied Cloud, Barret Wallace, Tifa, Red XIII, and Cid Highwind for support.[22]

During "The Shera", Reeve used Cait Sith to explore VR and uncover Deepground's sinister plans. He learned they were slaughtering innocent souls to manipulate the lifestream and trick the planet into thinking the end was near, with Weiss at the core. He realized they were attempting to revive Omega and concluded the eight reactors needed to be destroyed to slow the reanimation process. Despite WRO headquarters' destruction, Reeve salvaged a few things, including more Cait Sith units. When Vincent inquired about WRO's benefactor, Reeve was uncertain but believed it was someone indebted to the planet, possibly Rufus. He entrusted Shelke to care for Shera in their absence, praising her strength and skill.[23] Reeve, alongside his friends and Shelke, engaged Deepground in the Battle of Midgar during "Omega & Chaos/A Finale Chaotic". He commanded the destruction of Mako Reactor 0, celebrated victory, and witnessed Vincent destroy the revived Omega with the Protomateria.[24]

Remake continuity[]

Reactor bombings[]

Reeve objects to Sector 7 plate drop from FFVIIR INTERmission

Reeve objects to the Sector 7 plate drop.

Reeve met President Shinra with Heidegger during "Rough Waters" and "Covert Ops" in Final Fantasy VII Remake, begging him to reconsider dropping the Sector 7 plate. He emphasized the many citizens at risk, urged for a warning to be issued, was taken aback by the president's cold response, and ultimately denied.[25][26] Reeve later controlled Cait Sith during "Fight for Survival" in an attempt to prevent the Sector 7 plate drop, but was too late, and watched in horror as it collapsed.[27]

FFVIIR Reeve proposal

Reeve proposes rebuilding Sector 7 during the board meeting.

During "The Belly of the Beast", Reeve asked his assistant to inspect the mako reactors for any damage or irregularities. She brought him the damage assessment for Sector 7 and suggested sleeping, but he was determined to finalize his draft for the reconstruction plan ahead of the board meeting, deplored by Shinra's motives to destroy an entire sector. During the meeting, Reeve presented catastrophic figures from the Sector 7 damage assessment and proposed rebuilding, but the president rejected it in favor of prioritizing the Neo Midgar project. Reeve voiced doubts about the "promised land", but was ignored. He made further attempts to convince the president after the meeting to no avail.[28] He later lined up before Rufus as he became the company's president during "Destiny's Crossroads".[29]

Pursuit of Sephiroth[]

Reeve attended a board meeting about the Magnus Materia Project and the newly-emerged Weapons during "Those Left Behind" in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. He requested Rufus for updates on Avalanche's reactor bombings, the Neo Midgar project, the unproven existence of the "promised land", and the Sector 7 reconstruction plan.[30] During "All That Glitters", an amused Reeve digitally altered Avalanche's wanted posters with a Cait Sith doll behind him and Tseng noticed.[31]

Reeve attended an emergency meeting about Glenn Lodbrok's broadcast from Wutai declaring war on Shinra during "The Long Shadow of Shinra". He wished they could put a face to Viceroy Sarruf's name and was unsettled by Rufus prioritizing the capture of Aerith. Reeve then advised an agreeing Rufus to issue a response regarding Lodbrok's global broadcast.[32]



Reeve is a middle-aged man with an average build, fair skin, brown eyes, slick and medium-length dark brown hair, and a goatee. As a Shinra executive, he wears a navy blue suit ensemble, a white dress shirt, a patterned dark red tie, and black monk shoes. When he was younger, he was clean shaven and wore a light blue tie. As the WRO director, Reeve has longer hair, wears a dark blue coat with yellow and silver accents, black pants, and black shoes.


...Something bothers me. I think it's your way of life. You don't get paid. You don't get praised. Yet, you still risk your lives and continue on your journey. Seeing that makes me... It just makes me think about my life. I don't think I'd feel too good if things ended the way they are now.

Reeve, through Cait Sith, Final Fantasy VII § "Secret Date"
Reeve & Cait Sith

Reeve and Cait Sith.

Reeve is a principled and sincere man with a strong attachment to Midgar, prioritizing the well-being of citizens from both the topside and the undercity above all else.[4][3][2][1] He is sensible in comparison to the other executives, who scorn his good faith and dedication to the people of Midgar over profits, disregard his input, and deny him the right to speak during meetings.[4][3][28] Though he maintains a formal demeanor, Reeve has a dry sense of humor and sometimes slips into a different dialect when overexcited.[4]

Reeve, while loyal to Shinra and diligent in his efforts to sustain Midgar,[1] harbors disdain for his corrupt colleagues and their disregard for citizen safety.[8][15][9][25][28] He often relies on Cait Sith to mend wrongs but still aligns with Shinra's interests, viewing Avalanche as terrorists and posing as an ally to spy on Cloud's party.[10] However, after traveling with and befriending them, he grows more disillusioned with Shinra and eventually joins them in their fight against Sephiroth.[11][3][2] Reeve used Cait Sith to save Barret and Tifa from Sephiroth and allowed the party to eavesdrop on a private meeting between Shinra executives, which led to his arrest.[13][15]

After Sephiroth's defeat and Shinra's fall, Reeve seeks to atone for the company's past misdeeds and forms the World Regenesis Organization to restore and protect the devastated planet.[2][33] He remains a close ally to Cloud's party, teaming up with them to defeat the Remnants of Sephiroth, Bahamut SIN, and Deepground.[17][34]


Reeve is a capable engineer who planned the design and construction of Midgar, including the mako reactors.[4] He is a competent mechanic, repairing the Shadow Fox.[19] He is also a charismatic leader, acting as director of the World Regenesis Organization.[2] Reeve is an Inspire and possesses an unusual, supernatural power that allows him to breathe life into inorganic matter. He created and controls Cait Sith.[3][2]

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Artniks[]

DoCFF7 Reeve SR L Artniks
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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Reeve appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as Lightning-elemental Backup cards.

Powerwash Simulator[]

Reeve has a small appearance in the Midgar DLC in the form of text messages from the contractor. He fills the player in with several little details around Shinra and Midgar.

Behind the scenes[]

According to the Final Fantasy VII Ultimania Omega,[35] in an early draft of the script, Reeve was revealed as an "Inspire" in-game, a person who can breathe life into inanimate objects, such as the Cait Sith dolls. His "child", the cat-shaped doll Cait Sith, can be controlled from a great distance. The accent Cait Sith has is said to have been inspired by his parents.

There was a plot point considered where the party would have had to shut down the world's Mako Reactors to defeat Sephiroth. Due to the party's lack of time, Reeve does it himself, ending his loyalty to Shinra. Neither plot point made it to the final game, although him being an Inspire, and his ability to animate inorganic matter, is still present in out-of-game character profiles and official materials.

While in the Shinra Building at the start of Final Fantasy VII, upon looking in lockers in the Shinra gym, the player can find a megaphone. It is possible this belongs to Reeve, and is later revealed to be Cait Sith's ultimate weapon, the HP Shout.

In a rare moment of humor, in Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-, Vincent comments that Reeve's outfit isn't very interesting, to which Reeve replies he thought long and hard about what he was going to wear for the day. It is soon revealed "Reeve" was a robot controlled from the inside by Cait Sith, who was being controlled by the real Reeve.


In the English releases of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-, Reeve is voiced by Jamieson Price. In the English releases of the Final Fantasy VII remake project, he is voiced by Jon Root.

In the Japanese releases, Reeve is voiced by Banjō Ginga.


Reeve is of Middle English origin, and means "bailiff". The medieval reeve of a castle or landholding was an administrator for the king or someone of high position.


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