A Chemist using the ability during battle.

Reequip, also known as Equip Change, is a support ability in Final Fantasy Tactics. Being one of the few abilities to cost 0 JP, it costs no JP for the Chemist class to learn. Equipping Equip Change in the Support ability slot will add a Reequip command in the unit menu. With this ability, a unit may change his or her equipment even while in battle, however, this move costs a turn.

Reequip is best to be used in a solo battle against Black Magick users. Since casting the spell requires Charge Time, this may buy player enough time to change equipment which will nullify or even absorb the incoming magick. Another solo strategy with this ability is by inflicting the Doom status on yourself so the AI enemies will not target you. And just before the Doom counting reaches zero, reequip anything that prevents Instant Death to nullify the ailment.

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