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Ser Redwald Younge is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV. He is the one who commands the garrison at Falcon's Nest.


After the calamity, Falcon's Nest Camp was abandoned and Redwald is charge of commanding Falcon's Nest and has two main duties: rebuilding the old camp and looking for heretics.

When a reconnaissance group sent north to Riversmeet in search of the heretics' refuge disappears, Ser Redwald sends several search teams to search for the missing knights. Among the envoys, the Warrior of Light and Lord Artoirel de Fortemps find and rescue the only missing person who is still alive at the hands of the heretics.




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Rædwald of East Anglia was a 7th-century king of a long-lived Anglo-Saxon kingdom who became a bretwalda (an Old English term meaning 'Britain-ruler' or 'wide-ruler'), title given to some of the rulers of Anglo-Saxon kingdoms from the 5th century onwards who had achieved overlordship of some or all of the other Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. Rædwald reigned from about 599 until his death around 624. He was the first king of the East Angles to become a Christian, converting at Æthelberht's court some time before 605, while simultaneously maintaining a pagan temple.