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I am Redolent Rose, and I oversee all Weavers' Guild operations. I also instruct members on the finer points of our trade--something I am quite good at, mind you. My most skilled protégés go on to create magnificent garments which are coveted the realm over.

Redolent Rose

Redolent Rose is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV. He is the Weaver guildmaster in Ul'dah. Under the alias Masked Rose, he also hosts the Fashion Report event inside the Manderville Gold Saucer.


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn[]

Once the Warrior of Light is recruited into the Weaver's guild, Redolent Rose tests the weaver's abilities through various requests. When Wawarukka, a regular guild client who falls in love with Kokomo, makes several requests for clothes to court the young woman, but to Redolent Rose's despair, Wawarukka's sense of fashion is practically nil.

Redolent Rose decides that the best way to help Wawarukka is to ignore the miner's terrible taste in clothes and to that end, he takes the liberty of changing the Wawarukka commission. Redolent Rose weaves a final set of clothes for Wawarukka, and thanks to the confidence that lalafell has achieved by wearing Wawarukka clothes, she defends Kokomo and manages to reveal her feelings to her.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

Redolent Rose wants to see the Ishgardian nobles in their best detail. Unfortunately, his commitments keep him in Ul'dah, and he asks the Warrior of Light to go in his place and learn what is fashionable in the Holy See. Unfortunately, the Weavers' Guild has no contacts in Ishgard, so Redolent Rose suggests that the Warrior of Light speak to a guard at House Haillenarte.

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Redolent Rose is a male hellsguard Roegadyn. He wears the full Weaver's attire set. While disguised as Masked Rose, he wears the same outfit, but swaps out his Weaver's Gibus for a Plague Doctor's Mask.


Redolent Rose has a deep interest in beauty, and one goal drives his tireless pursuit: the creation of raiments that allow the wearer to, in his words "cut a fine figure." The fashion-savvy Hellsguard is also known to be the genius behind the sultana's pink ceremonial gown.