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Redlegs is a mark in Final Fantasy XV fought during the Reclaiming Schier Heights hunt.

A Lv.35 redlegs fights in Duscae Deathmatch in Totomostro under the team name REDRUN!.


Green-shelled, crimson-legged subspecies of hundlegs originally sighted near the Taelpar Rest Area. Able to survive even the most arid of climates, this omnivorous anthropod has gradually grown its sphere of influence to include drier regions as well. This continuous expansion has caused concern among the Hunters.
Size: 18.40 ft. Weight: 470.6 lb.


Reclaiming Schier HeightsTaelpar Rest Area4
Red Hunt Icon.png
Redlegs x3, Hundlegs x4Schier Heights (All Times)376,220, Mega Phoenix★★★



And that's disgusting.


Redlegs is weak to greatswords, one-handed swords and ice. Three of them spawn in a hunt alongside hundlegs. Redlegs stings with its pincers and its lunging attack can be blocked and parried. It breathes vapors that poison its targets. A rock formation on the huntsground is a point-warp spot—warp-striking from here with a powerful weapon, like a greatsword, easily puts the enemies in vulnerable state.


Throwing ice elemancy at the swarm is a good way to start the battle off. Other attacks that hit multiple targets are also good, like warp-striking with the Shield of the Just or using Techniques. If fighting among the swarm as Noctis, the player should be ready with the Defense button and respond to parry opportunities, or he can easily be knocked to the ground. Wielding a greatsword is great for this, and using a greatsword against the centipedes easily breaks them with normal attacks or warp-strikes. The player could also character-swap: Gladiolus wields the weapon type the centipedes are weak to and has area attacks with his Glaive Arts; Ignis can do rapid ice attacks with his daggers to overwhelm the swarm, and Prompto's lumen flare can send the whole swarm into vulnerability, ready for his powerful crackshot.

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