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Perform white or black spells.


FFV Red Magic Icon iOSRed Magic (しろくろま, Shiro Kuro Ma?), also known as Red, is the Red Mage's skillset in Final Fantasy V. It allows the casting of both White or Black Magic up to level 3. Red Magic is thus weaker but more versatile than its specializes counterparts. It is disabled if the user is silenced. Red Magic spells are purchased from shops in various towns and is divided into 3 levels. Upon leveling up the Red Magic command as a Red Mage, the command can be equipped to other jobs as well and use spells up to the learned level. When using the Red Mage job the party member can use all the spells they have regardless to what level they have leveled up the command.


Some spells have been programmed to always hit their target, while others are programmed to always hit allies, such as curative spells.

$ Spell Hit\% = Spell Hit\% + Attacker Level - Target Level $[1]
$ Evade\% = Target Magic Evade\% $

If the spell is multi-targeted the Spell Hit% is halved. Spells that are naturally multi-target do not suffer the penalty. If the target has Shell, the Spell Hit% is also halved, and if the target is a Toad its Evade % is reduced to 0.

The game generates two random numbers between 0 and 99.

If N1 >= Hit%, the spell misses
If N2 < Evade%, the spell misses

Magic attacks' parameters are calculated as follows:

$ Attack = Spell Attack + (0..(Spell Attack/8)) $[1]
$ M = (Level*Magic Power)/256 + 4 $
$ Defense = Magic Defense $

If the target absorbs the attacking element it is healed instead of damaged and if it has elemental immunity, the attack misses. If the target is resistant against the attacking element the Attack modifier in the above formula is halved, and if it is weak against the element, the Attack modifier is doubled and the attack ignores the target's Magic Defense.

$ Damage = (Attack - Defense) * M $[1]

Damage is capped at 9999.

Curative spells also use the above parameters, but ignore Magic Defense. In case of curative magic, the "Damage" from the formula is converted into HP onto the target, unless the target is undead, when it is damaged by that amount instead.

Red Mages can boost the power of any element due to their ability to equip rods (for Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Poison), staves (Holy), and knives (Wind).

Red Magic abilities give characters the Red Mage's base Magic based on the following formula:

Magic = Red Mage Base Magic - (3 - Red Mage Job Level)

However, the value of the base Magic granted this way is capped at the Red Mage's base.

Thus the base Magic stat for a character with Red Magic equipped would be as follows:

  • Level 1 = 30 base Magic
  • Level 2 = 31 base Magic
  • Level 3 = 32 base Magic
  • Level 4 = 32 base Magic

Red Magic level 1 takes 20 AP to learn, level 2 40 AP, and level 3 100 AP. Learning the upgrade to Red Magic, Dualcast for 999 AP, gives characters the Red Mage's base Magic unless otherwise already at a higher value.

Upon mastery, Freelancers and Mimes gain the Red Mage's base Strength, Agility and Magic unless they already have a higher base from another mastered job.

List of SpellsEdit

SNES Name PS Name GBA/iOS Name Cost Spell Level MP Cost Description Location
Cure Cure Cure 180 1 4 Restores a minor amount of HP to one or all allies and inflicts a minor amount of HP on the undead. Tule, Carwen, Karnak, Jachol
Scan Scan Libra 80 1 1 View a target's vital statistics, such as HP, MP, Level, and statuses. Tule, Carwen, Karnak, Jachol
Antidote Antidote Poisona 90 1 2 Cures Poison. Tule, Carwen, Karnak, Jachol
Mute Mute Silence 280 2 2 Inflicts Silence on one or all enemies. Carwen, Karnak, Jachol
Armor Protes Protect 280 2 3 Reduces damage done by physical attacks. Carwen, Karnak, Jachol
Size Mini Mini 300 2 5 Inflicts and cures Mini status on one or all enemies. Phantom Village. Can also be found in a chest in Catapult.
Cure2 Cure2 Cura 620 3 9 Restores a moderate amount of HP to one or all allies. Also inflicts damage on the undead. Karnak, Jachol
Raise Raise Raise 700 3 29 Revives a KO'ed ally back into Critical HP. Instantly kills undead enemies. Karnak, Jachol
Charm Muddle Confuse 650 3 4 Inflicts Confuse on one or all enemies. Karnak, Jachol
Fire Fire Fire 150 1 4 Minor Fire elemental damage to one or all enemies. Tule, Carwen, Karnak, Crescent
Ice Ice Blizzard 150 1 4 Minor Ice elemental damage to one or all enemies. Tule, Carwen, Karnak, Crescent
Bolt Bolt Thunder 150 1 4 Minor Lightning elemental damage to one or all enemies. Tule, Carwen, Karnak, Crescent
Venom Poison Poison 290 2 2 Inflicts Poison on one or all enemies. Karnak, Crescent
Sleep Sleep Sleep 300 2 3 Inflicts Sleep on one or all enemies. Carwen, Karnak, Crescent
Toad Toad Toad 300 2 8 Inflicts or cures the Frog status on one or all enemies/allies. Buy at Phantom Village. Find in Istory.
Fire2 Fire2 Fira 600 3 10 Moderate Fire elemental damage to one or all enemies. Karnak, Crescent
Ice2 Ice2 Blizzara 600 3 10 Moderate Ice elemental damage to one or all enemies. Karnak, Crescent
Bolt2 Bolt2 Thundara 600 3 10 Moderate Lightning elemental damage to one or all enemies. Karnak, Crescent


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