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Red Mages are skilled equally in magic and swordsmanship, using their Chainspell ability to create powerful spell combinations.


Red Mage (赤魔道士, Aka Madoushi?) is one of the jobs available in Final Fantasy Explorers.


The Red Mage is unlocked after learning Curaga, Firaga, and Graviga. It can be mastered by completing any 10 quests, then the 5★ quest "Mastery Trials: Red Mage."

Red Mage is a flexible damager and tank with the ability to quickly cast a chain of spells. They can initially equip swords, daggers and staves; after mastery dual swords, dual daggers and rods can be equipped.

Base stats[]

Stats Base (Mastery) Ranking
HP 3250 (3850) D
AP 2235 (2685) B
Load 130 F
Strength 42 D
Accuracy 55 D
Magic 57 B
Spirit 35 B
Focus 58 C
Defense 33 C
Mag Def 42 D
Evasion 38 D
Mobility 112 B
Luck 44 D


They are proficient in low-mid level White Magic, Black Magic and Time Magic.

The unique ability Chainspell reduces the casting time for all magic abilities. The standard ability Survivor increases the damage of abilities inverse to the amount of AP the player has.

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