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Red Giant is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in Costlemark Tower, Insomnia, and during the main quest World of Ruin. It can also appear at night after an iron giant has been felled. Unlike with regular iron giants, two red giants may spawn at once in certain locations.


An enormous daemon that appears only once night descends on Eos. As red giants often arise alongside their iron cousins, they often initiate their attack after their less formidable companions fall.
Size: 22.17 ft. Weight: 16.17 t




Red Giant picks Noctis up in its fist.

Like all giant-types, the red giant only uses physical attacks, although its flaming sword adds the fire element to them. If the player breaks the giant, it will kneel and be vulnerable to further attacks. Like the regular iron giant, the red giant can conjure a gravity orb to pull the player towards it. It can also raise its fist up and pick Noctis off the ground, dealing continual damage before a brief prompt appears allowing Noctis to warp out of the finishing throw. As a daemon, red giant takes damage from sunlight if the battle draws for too long. It resists weapons and magic significantly better than the standard iron giant.

Red giants display some unusual behavior compared to the rest of the game's enemies. At times they walk around aimlessly without attacking, and suddenly vanish into thin air, or interrupt their own attacks before they're finished. The sword-slamming sound effect may still play even if never makes it to the ground. The tall figures of the giant family, along with their targetable limbs being their arms and upper torso, can make grounded attacking difficult, though tapping the blitz button rather than holding may help.

Red giant halves most damage, but the royal arms deal normal damage to it.



Red Giant in "vulnerable" state.

To avoid being pulled into the gravity orb, the player can simply sprint away from it. Attacking/warp-striking/shooting at the hand as it prepares the attack can cancel it and even make the giant vulnerable (Cerberus in Wait Mode is an accurate way to achieve this). The player can warp-strike it from a distance and then run further away to avoid its attacks, or point-warp to higher ground. Warp-striking from far away enough may stagger it briefly.

Alterna from the Ring of the Lucii usually kills it within two uses after the 1.06 patch boosted the ring's power. Attacking its behind can trigger linked attacks with team mates. The royal arms and Mutant Rakshasa Blade's warp-strike ignore its weapon resistances. With careful timing and attention, Noctis can avoid getting grabbed with a dodge-roll or warp, or by executing a technique.

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The mythology and legends of many different cultures include monsters of human appearance but prodigious size and strength. Giant is the English word, coined 1297, commonly used for such beings, derived from one of the most famed examples: the gigantes of Greek mythology.

Wolframite is a tungsten-based mineral containing iron, and is a primary source of tungsten ore.

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