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A red chocobo spoken of in the Farplane. As cute as they may appear, they are referred to in Farplane documents as incredibly vicious monsters. Care must be taken when passing through certain areas, as one who suddenly finds themselves surrounded by red chocobos is soon to become keenly aware of their mortality. Their strong legs enable them to quickly traverse even the roughest of terrain, and they're even able to call forth meteors. In certain ways they are feared even more than the Lucavi demons.

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The Red Chocobo is an enemy from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, and exclusively appears in the Final Fantasy Tactics exchange events The Auracite Chosen and In the Name of Love. The Red Chocobo is a bonus monster which occasionally appears in the ADV, PRO and ELT stages of these events. It either drops 500 Red Orbs or 1,000 White Orbs.


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The Red Chocobo will not start using abilities unless it has been damaged.

  • The Chocobo is Angry! (チョコボは怒った!, Chokobo wa okotta!?) self-boosts his ATK and MAG, and is usually used when attacked for the first time.
  • Choco Beak (チョコアタック, Choko Atakku?, lit. Choco Attack) deals physical damage to one unit.
  • Choco Meteor (チョコメテオ, Chokometeo?) is a powerful non-elemental attack to one unit.

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