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The Red Cap, also known as the RedCap, is an enemy from Final Fantasy III. It can be found on the Plains and in the desert on the outer ring of the Floating Continent. They are not particularly difficult, but do have access to the annoying Glare ability. It is best to defeat them as quick as possible to eliminate the chances of being affected by their special attack.



A Red Cap or Redcap, also known as a powrie or dunter, is a type of imaginary malevolent murderous dwarf, goblin, elf or fairy found in Border Folklore. They are said to inhabit ruined castles found along the border between England and Scotland. Redcaps murder travelers who stray into their homes and dye their hats with their victims' blood (from which they get their name). Redcaps must kill regularly, for if the blood staining their hats dries out, they die. Outrunning a redcap is supposedly impossible; the only way to escape one is to quote a passage from the Bible. They lose a tooth on hearing it, which they leave behind.

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