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Recover from various conditions.


Recover is a Chemist command ability in Final Fantasy V. It recovers from a number of status effects, namely: darkness, mini, toad, silence, confuse, paralyze, old, and sleep, but not petrify. Though it is similar to the White Magic spell Esuna, it has no MP cost.


Recover is not innate to Chemist, and must be learned. It is unlocked at level 4, for a total of 225 AP (135 AP from level 3).


Recover cures negative statuses that can be devastating to the party entirely for free, and is as such a very useful ability. Its main drawback is that it also takes up an entire ability slot, whereas simply equipping White Magic and having access to Esuna as well as other abilities can overall be better. Mix also has many curative outcomes, and the Chemist already always has it. Recover is best used in dungeons with enemies that use a lot of negative statuses, so as to be able to cure them while not hurting for MP too much.