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The in-game announcement when a limited-time challenge is active.

Records of Eminence (RoE) is a quest system featured in Final Fantasy XI. First introduced in the Dec 10, 2013 version update, Records of Eminence serve as both an achievement log as well as a means by which players can take on challenge objectives. Although introduced over 11 years after the initial release of Final Fantasy XI, the Records of Eminence system is integrated across all content-types and expansions, and is now considered an integral part of the game.

Unlike a typical achievement log, Records of Eminence only record progress if the relevant Record of Eminence objective has been set by the player. Some objectives are repeatable and will automatically repeat when completed. Non-repeatable objectives must be completed after the Record of Eminence is active and do not reward completion retroactively, unless the objective itself is not repeatable (such as with Artifact Quests). Some objectives are not available until others have been unlocked.

The Adventurer may take on a maximum of only 15 Records of Eminence objectives at any one time. Completion of such objectives reward the Adventurer with Sparks of Eminence, Experience Points and in some cases, Accolades or Capacity Points. First time completion of objectives result in bonus Sparks of Eminence and may also reward items. Incomplete objectives may be cancelled at any time by the player but any recorded progress towards that objective will be lost.

Apart from regular Records of Eminence objectives, Unity-specific Records of Eminence may also be undertaken. Within this category are objectives that change on a daily basis, Unity-exclusive objectives, as well as Wanted NM battles.

In addition to all this, Limited-Time Challenge objectives may also be available at certain times of the day. Such objectives do not have to be set by the player and appear automatically on the player's objective list. This objective does not count towards the 15 objective limit.

List of Records of EminenceEdit

Types of ObjectivesEdit

As of October 18th, 2015, there are 953+ total objectives spread across 11 categories (not including limited time objectives). First-time completion of any objective rewards 3x the amount of sparks listed for an objective, even if the objective is repeatable.


Each quest requires a specific number of unique objectives completed in order to activate. Only objectives that are always available are counted towards this number, and excludes Unity, limited-time, and daily challenges. Most require talking to Nantoto in Lower Jeuno for start and completion.

The following quests are tied to Records of Eminence objectives:

  • "Records of Eminence" (quest)
  • "Teleports by Twilight"
  • "Shifty Shades of Prey"
  • "Petals of Recollection"
  • "To Kill Mocking Birds"
  • "Golden Rule" (repeatable)
  • "Panta Rhei"
  • Leonine Excruciation"
  • Shiver Me Timbers"
  • Go With the Flow"


Players can trade Sparks of Eminence to certain NPCs for various items, including weapons that can be used for leveling up, Item Level 117 equipment, items that boost combat and magic skills, items that can be used to reforge artifact equipment, and more.

Spark ExchangeEdit

See Sparks of Eminence for a list of items, weapons, and armor available for purchase.

First CompletionEdit

  • Boulder Case / Boulder Box
  • Beitetsu Parcel / Beitetsu Box
  • Pluton Box
  • Copper Voucher
  • Trailblazing Pickaxe x12, Trailblazing Sickle x12, and Trailblazing Axe x12
  • Pickaxe x12, Sickle x12, and Hatchet x12
  • Various low- and mid-level armor

Exchange Copper VoucherEdit

Exchanges are separated into 2 areas: Currencies and Provisions.

  • Currencies - One Copper Voucher can be exchanged for 1,000 of one of the following:
    • Sparks of Eminence (max: 99,999)
    • Conquest Points
    • Imperial Standing
    • Allied Notes
    • Bayld
    • Valor Points (Tabs from the Fields of Valor / Grounds of Valor systems, max: 50,000)
    • Assault Points (for an area of the players' choice)
    • Cruor
    • Kinetic Units (max: 50,000)
    • Obsidian Fragments (max: 99,999)
    • Mweya Plasm
    • Ballista Points (max: 2,000)
    • Unity Accolades (max: 99,999)
    • Escha Silt (max: 1,000,000 with the Eschan Urn and Eschan Cellar key items)
    • Resistance Credits
  • Provisions - Two Copper Vouchers can be exchanged for one of the following:
    • Pluton
    • Beitetsu
    • Riftborn Boulder
  • The Records of Eminence NPCs will store any Copper Vouchers traded to them, and may be spent at any NPC.
  • Each exchange can be performed in quantities of one, three, ten, or thirty.
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