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Record Synergy is a gameplay mechanic in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. When a character or relic is used in the realm it hails from, Record Synergy activates for that character or relic, granting increased stats. Relics in the equip screen are given a blue outline to denote Record Synergy in the currently-selected dungeon, while characters receive a blue aura in the menus and during battle. Characters equipped with synergy weapons produce a blue aura when attacking, and characters equipped with synergy armor have a blue aura appear when they receive damage.

Characters under Record Synergy gain an effective boost of ten to their current level and gain 50% more experience and Soul Break mastery points. Weapons and armor under Record Synergy gain a boost to their upgrade level, starting at +15 for level 1-4, +20 at level 5-9, and increasing by 10 with each further five-level interval. Accessories have their stat boosts increased by 50%, and elemental or status resistance effects are slightly boosted.

Record Synergy+[]

In Jump Start Battles Record Synergy+ applies instead. It adds 20 to effective level.

Nightmare and Bravery Synergy[]

In Nightmare dungeons, rather than Record Synergy based on the boss's home realm, the battle against the final guardian of each Nightmare Record grants Nightmare Synergy to all characters with a ranking of five stars in the ability class of the Nightmare Record ability. Characters benefiting from Nightmare Synergy receive a purple glow, with their equipped items outlined in purple. Characters who benefit from Nightmare Synergy gain the ten-level boost, and any relics equipped to them gain synergy stat increases regardless of realm.

Some other events grant Bravery Synergy to selected characters, based on a theme of the battle. Bravery Synergy has a blue glow like standard Record Synergy, but grants the user increased level and grants Record Synergy boosts to all equipped relics just as Nightmare Synergy does.

The Shinra's Finest event has Angelic Synergy, which applies exclusively to Sephiroth and functions identically to Bravery Synergy.

EX Synergy[]

Events from external properties may apply basic Record Synergy rules to any relic created for the event, but not to party units or magicite selected. Although two such events have been released for Global, none have contained any units representing the titles.


A synergist is a substance, organ, or other agent that participates in an effect of synergy. Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. The term synergy comes from the Attic Greek word συνεργία synergia from synergos, συνεργός, meaning "working together".