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Record Dungeons are a gameplay feature in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. It is another set of dungeons separate from Realm Dungeon in the game. From the perspective of the Keeper the story took place after the Magicite dungeons. However, the dungeons are separate from other dungeons and can be played by new players from the beginning.


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Some time after the Hall of Magicite incident, strange new magic has been detected on an island in the far reaches of the kingdom. Tyro, Dr. Mog, and Elarra set out in Cid's airship to investigate. Once they arrive, Elarra hears a voice calling to her, and is drawn away from the airship. Tyro goes after her, and comes across a mysterious Corrupted Painting emitting a strange kind of magic. As he would later discover, these paintings are not like those found in the Royal Archives, which contain only records of battles. Instead, these paintings contain nothing less than records of great legends.

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Storywise, Tyro and Elarra are sucked into the painting and witness famous scenes of Final Fantasy games within the game world themselves. The player, in effect, replays portions of the actual Final Fantasy games within Final Fantasy Record Keeper, except with Tyro and Elarra present, and using the Keeper's game mechanics.

Similar to realm dungeons, they are themed after prominent area in the Final Fantasy series. While realm dungeons acts as a retelling of the stories of the games from a painting, realm dungeons tells the Final Fantasy story using the in-game perspective. While generally they follow the original release order of Realm Dungeons, occasionally Records jump across different points of story for the same even if the Record Dungeon painting for the same realm are next to each other.

Scenes from the actual Final Fantasy games are remade for the dungeons, with actual dialogue (except adjustments acknowledging Tyro and Elarra presence) from the original game were used. Some dungeons have videos recreated for the pixelated graphics for Final Fantasy Record Keeper. This is true even for games that were originally made in 3D.


Corrupted Paintings are the main dungeons. Corrupted Paintings must be completed using preset teams, with fixed equipment and abilities. Items from other parts of Final Fantasy Record Keeper cannot be used in record dungeon. While there is no stamina cost, the team, except the core characters (Tyro, Elarra, Biggs, and Wedge), do not gain experience.