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The Recipe Book is a key item in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. There are multiple books, which are used to provide weapon recipes to craft in Cu Sith's shop. Recipe Books are found in treasure chests or end rewards for missions.

Players can view all their Recipe Books by looking at the Recipe Library section of the Log, accessible from the bridge of the Galbana.

Recipe Books[]

Starter Manual[]

Introductory recipes for general weapons aimed at beginners.


Found in the Bosco Pampa during Mission 07: The Winged.

  • Mythril Blade (Vaan)
    • Common Metal, Small Bone, Worn Hide
  • Cherry Staff (Penelo)
    • Yellow Gemstone, Fine-Grained Wood, Worn Hide
  • Gaia Rod (Kytes)
    • Fine-Grained Wood, Small Bone, Earth Shard
  • Mythril Cutter (Filo)
    • Common Metal, Common Metal, Yellow Gemstone
  • Storm Lance (Llyud)
    • Fine-Grained Wood, Small Bone, Storm Shard

Artificer's Handbook[]

Beginner's reference with simple instructions, including pictures


Found in the Kisne Rise during Mission 11: Savagery.

  • Tempestblade (Vaan)
    • Common Metal, Worn Hide, Storm Shard
  • Mythril Staff (Penelo)
    • Common Metal, Yellow Gemstone, Timeworn Carapace
  • Rod of Lightning (Kytes)
    • Fine-Grained Wood, Worn Hide, Storm Shard
  • Detonator (Filo)
    • Common Metal, Yellow Gemstone, Fire Shard
  • Mythril Lance (Llyud)
    • Common Metal, Fine-Grained Wood, Timeworn Carapace

Primary Principles[]

Recipe reference for those who have mastered the basics.


Found in the Fane of Tehp Qul during Mission 15: Backstabbing Bangaa.

  • Flametongue (Vaan)
    • Brilliant Ore, Furry Hide, Fire Shard
  • Vesper Pole (Penelo)
    • Green Gemstone, Fragrant Wood, Furry Hide
  • Storm Wand (Kytes)
    • Fragrant Wood, Furry Hide, Storm Shard
  • Trident (Llyud)
    • Fragrant Wood, Timeworn Carapace, Water Shard

Secondary Principles[]

Recipe reference for those ready to graduate to the intermediate level.


Found in Isshu, Jewel of the Skysea during Mission 16: Pirates in Peril!.

  • Icebrand (Vaan)
    • Brilliant Ore, Timeworn Carapace, Water Shard
  • Rod Of Ice (Kytes)
    • Large Bone, Timeworn Carapace, Water Shard
  • Wavefront (Filo)
    • Brilliant Ore, Brilliant Ore, Green Gemstone

Arms Encyclopedia[]

Practical arsenal of recipes to challenge intermediate learners.


Found in the Underfane of Yaxin Qul during Mission 20: Rite of Despair.

  • Runeblade (Vaan)
    • Lustrous Metal, Green Gemstone, Braided Twine
  • Earth Wand (Kytes)
    • Large Bone, Solid Carapace, Earth Shard
  • Discharger (Filo)
    • Brilliant Ore, Viscous Fluid, Storm Shard
  • Red Halberd (Llyud)
    • Lustrous Metal, Solid Carapace, Fire Shard

Armament Almanac[]

Recipe publication that delves into the science of superior weaponry.


Found in the Ymir Qul Range during Mission 25: A Recurring Nuisance.

  • Earthsabre (Vaan)
    • Large Bone, Braided Twine, Earth Shard
  • Silver Staff (Penelo)
    • Brilliant Ore, Blue Gemstone, Solid Carapace
  • Rime Wand (Kytes)
    • Blue Gemstone, Smooth Wood, Water Shard
  • Pressurizer (Filo)
    • Lustrous Metal, Lustrous Metal, Blue Gemstone
  • Ice Lance (Llyud)
    • Brilliant Ore, Blue Gemstone, Water Shard

Connoisseur's Guide[]

Compilation of recipes sought by the finest warriors in Lemurés.


Found in the Neverwood during Mission 31: Reminiscence.

  • Blood Sword (Vaan)
    • Lustrous Metal, Viscous Fluid, Grim Dust
  • Rigel (Balthier)
    • Lustrous Metal, Blue Gemstone, Smooth Wood
  • Elfin Bow (Fran)
    • Smooth Wood, Solid Carapace, Braided Twine
  • Duster (Filo)
    • Lustrous Metal, Viscous Fluid, Earth Shard

Dragon's Devices[]

Recipe tome listing weapons known only by word of mouth.


Found in the Dalmasca Estersand during Mission 34: An Irresistible Opportunity.

  • Golden Staff (Penelo)
    • Precious Ore, Red Gemstone, Robust Carapace
  • Artemis Bow (Fran)
    • Sturdy Wood, Robust Carapace, Starched Twine
  • Rainmaker (Filo)
    • Glistening Shard, Aqueous Fluid, Water Shard
  • Blood Lance (Llyud)
    • Massive Bone, Robust Carapace, Grim Dust
  • Hornito (Ashe)
    • Volatile Compound, Volatile Compound, Volatile Compound

Tiger's Tactics[]

Recipe tome passed from masters to disciples over the ages.


Found in the Dalmasca Estersand during Mission 34: An Irresistible Opportunity.

  • Arcturus (Balthier)
    • Durable Metal, Red Gemstone, Sturdy Wood
  • Lava Wand (Kytes)
    • Sturdy Wood, Volatile Compound, Fire Shard
  • Divider (Filo)
    • Durable Metal, Durable Metal, Aqueous Fluid
  • Fumarole (Ashe)
    • Aqueous Fluid, Volatile Compound, Glittering Dust
  • Defender (Basch)
    • Durable Metal, Robust Carapace, Robust Carapace

Forged by Fire[]

Fire recipes that burn with the passion of a master artificer.


Found in the Feol Warren during Mission 75: Flames of Torment.

  • Laevateinn (Vaan)
    • Durable Metal, Volatile Compound, Inferno Crystal
  • Wizard's Rod (Kytes)
    • Sturdy Wood, Aqueous Fluid, Inferno Crystal
  • Eruptor (Filo)
    • Ephemeral Ore, Glittering Dust, Inferno Crystal
  • Tumulus (Ashe)
    • Volatile Compound, Aqueous Fluid, Inferno Crystal

Tempered in Ice[]

Water recipes that flow with the persistence of a master artificer.


Found in the Feol Warren during Mission 76: Restoring Honor.

  • Coral Blade (Vaan)
    • Glistening Shard, Glistening Shard, Tide Crystal
  • Perseus Bow (Fran)
    • Sturdy Wood, Luxuriant Hide, Tide Crystal
  • Whale Whisker (Kytes)
    • Massive Bone, Glistening Shard, Tide Crystal
  • Galatyn (Basch)
    • Rare Gemstone, Glistening Shard, Tide Crystal

Hammer of Lightning[]

Lightning recipes charged with the intensity of a master artificer.


Found in the Giza Plains during Mission 73: Just for Penelo.

  • Rudra Talwar (Vaan)
    • Precious Ore, massive Bone, Empyrean Crystal
  • Raijoudou (Fran)
    • Precious Ore, Starched Twine, Empyrean Crystal
  • Zeus Mace (Kytes)
    • Rare Gemstone, Robust Carapace, Empyrean Crystal
  • Luin (Llyud)
    • Precious Ore, Massive Bone, Empyrean Crystal
  • Tyrfing (Basch)
    • Ephemeral Ore, Luxuriant Hide, Empyrean Crystal

Anvil of Earth[]

Earth recipes as solid as the stalwartness of a master artificer.


Found in the Dalmasca Estersand during Mission 71: For a Moment's Peace.

  • Stoneblade (Vaan)
    • Massive Bone, Glittering Dust, Terra Crystal
  • Regulus (Balthier)
    • Precious Ore, Red Gemstone, Terra Crystal
  • Terra Wand (Kytes)
    • Precious Ore, Massive Bone, Terra Crystal
  • Buluc Chabtan (Llyud)
    • Sturdy Wood, Starched Twine, Terra Crystal

Forbidden Grimoire[]

Banned recipe list of the most devastating weapons in Lemurés.


Found in the Dalmasca Estersand during Mission 72: Dalmascan Treasure.

  • Nirvana (Penelo)
    • Rare Gemstone, Red Gemstone, Luxuriant Hide
  • Polaris (Balthier)
    • Ephemeral Ore, Starched Twine, Aqueous Fluid
  • Resonator (Filo)
    • Ephemeral Ore, Grim Dust, Grim Dust
  • Holy Lance (Llyud)
    • Durable Metal, Glittering Dust, Glittering Dust
  • Caldera (Ashe)
    • Volatile Compound, Red Gemstone, Glittering Dust
  • Save the Queen (Basch)
    • Durable Metal, Durable Metal, Durable Metal

Everburn Essentials[]

Cu Sith's personal flame weapon recipes incorporating Everburn.


Found in the Underfane of Huin Qul during Mission: Stroke of Luck.

  • Pyroblade (Vaan)
    • Everburn, Braided Twine, Fire Shard
  • Pyroscepter (Penelo)
    • Everburn, Smooth Wood, Smooth Wood
  • Pyrowand (Kytes)
    • Everburn, Solid Carapace, Fire Shard
  • Pyroglide (Filo)
    • Everburn, Lustrous Metal, Fire Shard
  • Pyrolance (Llyud)
    • Everburn, Smooth Wood, Fire Shard