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Rebena Te Ra in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

Rebena Te Ra (レベナ・テ・ラ, Rebena Te Ra?) is a city that appears in the world of the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series. It is the namesake of the Rebena Plains.


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles[]

Ffcc mapicon rebenatera.jpg

Long ago, the four tribes once lived together in a glorious age of prosperity. But such days have long since faded from memory. There was no miasma, nor any monsters. The world was pleasant... until darkness came and choked the northern skies. They say that the golden age is gone, never to return. But I believe that we can somehow bring it back. I must believe... if I am to carry on.


Before the advent of Miasma, Rebena Te Ra was populated by an enlightened civilization made up of the four tribes during the Golden Age. However, the civilization fell around the time the miasma began spreading throughout the land, leaving a large ruin full of Cerberuses, Wraiths, Gargoyles, and Mimics. At the former throne room of the city dwells a Lich. As to be expected, the ruins provide a excellent place for magic to center and focus. With this untamed energy also spawns Nightmares and Skeletons.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates[]

Rebena Te Ra.

During this time the city is filled with the four different tribes and ruled under King Kolka. Rebena Te Ra is the only town with shops. Most of the story takes place here. The Crystal Temple and Old Town can be reached from this city.

  • The Royal Castle - where King Kolka resides. In Multiplayer Mode, players can come here to accept missions from the King. In Story Mode the party will be allowed to enter after defeating the boss in Abyssus Forest. The Lich from the Shadowland is also fought inside the Drawing Room for a second time. During this fight the party is assisted by either Chelinka or Princess Tilika.
  • Rebena Te Ra Cavern - Lies beneath the city. It is also home to a great expanse of untouched Crystal.


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates[]

Armory Shop[]

Name Cost Available
Hatchet 110
Bronze Sword 130
Iron Sword 200 Clear Old Town
Bastard Sword 350 Clear Mount Vaal
Gladius 430 Clear Abyssus Forest
Brave Sword 540 Clear Rela Cyel
Defender 650 Clear Sinners' Isle
Mythril Sword 1100 Clear Rela Cyel Past
Colossus Blade 2100 Clear Hill Caves (2nd Playthrough)
Guardian 2600 Clear Old Town (2nd Playthrough)
Wooden Staff 110
Oak Staff 130
Power Staff 430 Clear Abyssus Forest
Earth Staff 540 Clear Rela Cyel
Mythril Rod 1100 Clear Rela Cyel Past
Stardust Staff 2100 Clear Hill Caves (2nd Playthrough)
Sun Staff 2600 Clear Old Town (2nd Playthrough)
Name Cost Available
Wooden Bow 110
Short Bow 130
Iron Bow 200 Clear Old Town
Killer Bow 350 Clear Mount Vaal
War Bow 430 Clear Abyssus Forest
Ranger's Bow 540 Clear Rela Cyel
Hero's Bow 650 Clear Sinners' Isle
Mythril Bow 1100 Clear Rela Cyel Past
Bravery Bow 2100 Clear Hill Caves (2nd Playthrough)
Ballista 2600 Clear Old Town (2nd Playthrough)
Wooden Hammer 110
Oak Mallet 130
Iron Ladle 200 Clear Old Town
Steel Ladle 350 Clear Mount Vaal
Iron Mace 430 Clear Abyssus Forest
Mythril Ladle 1100 Clear Rela Cyel Past
Hell's Spoon 2100 Clear Hill Caves (2nd Playthrough)
Sun Mace 2500 Clear Old Town (2nd Playthrough)

Name Cost Available
Power Ring 60
Magic Ring 60
Guard Ring 60
Life Ring 60
Skill Ring 60
Flame Badge 100
Frost Badge 100
Thunder Badge 100
Name Cost Available
Novice's Skullcap 5
Novice's Sallet 10
Bronze Helm 50
Green Hat 100
Iron Helm 160
Red Hat 110
Blue Hat 110
Dragoon Sallet 180
Black Mage Hood 120
White Mage Hood 120
Knight Helm 200
Orange Cone Hat 190
Blue Cone Hat 190
Yellow Cone Hat 190
Dragon Sallet 230
Mythril Helm 390
Bronze Sallet 750
Green Cap 710
Iron Casque 800
Red Cap 750
Blue Cap 750
Legioneer Sallet 1000
Knight Visor 1650
Orange Magic Hat 1300
Blue Magic Hat 1300
Yellow Magic Hat 1300
Name Cost Available
Novice's Cuirass 10
Novice's Harness 25
Travel Clothes 120
Bronze Corslet 180
Green Clothes 140
Iron Armor 225
Red Clothes 200
Blue Clothes 200
Dragoon Harness 260
Black Mage Robe 210
White Mage Robe 210
Knight Armor 320
Orange Outfit 280
Blue Outfit 280
Yellow Outfit 280
Dragon Harness 350
Silver Corslet 350
Mythril Armor 600
Caravan Clothes 1000
Bronze Armor 1100
Green Bard Garb 880
Iron Plate 1300
Red Bard Garb 1250
Blue Bard Garb 1250
Legioner Harness 1700
Knight Plate 2500
Orange Robe 2200
Blue Robe 2200
Yellow Robe 2200
Victory Clothes 10,000
Layle's Jacket 1,000,000


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles[]

Support Monster
  • Skeleton Mage

Musical themes[]

The theme of Rebena Te Ra is called "When the Northern Skies are Clear". It is the only theme that has vocals in it.


It is revealed in Ring of Fates that Rebena Te Ra means "Governs the Stars" in an unknown language. It may be a pseudo-anagram of its own meaning.