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Reaper Claw is an undead/reaper-type enemy from Final Fantasy XII. It is a lesser variant of the Nightwalker, found in the Stilshrine of Miriam after the player has defeated the boss of Mt. Bur-Omisace.

Reaper Claw spawns with the Reaper Mage, and its specialty lies in physical attacks. It is called simply "Nightwalker" in the BradyGames guide for the PlayStation 2 version.

Bestiary entry[]

Note: Shares bestiary entry with Nightwalker and Reaper Mage.

Page 1: Observations[]

Thus are called those reapers, deities of death, that wander the darkness devouring the souls of men. Some are known for the strength of their blades, others for the strength of their magicks. They are feared as demons for their cruelty, and indeed the sight of them devouring a man's soul is said to be worse than a lifetime of torture, yet, oddly, the expressions left upon the faces of those whose souls have been devoured are not masks of pain, but of beatific calm. This has led some to speculate that it is not, perhaps, the Inferno to which they bear their victims, but Paradise.

Page 2: Aletap Rumors[]



Like other reapers, Reaper Claw can teleport, and the party cannot attack them mid-teleport. The Reaper Claw and Mage are much stronger than the other enemies at Stilshrine, the former using physical attacks and the latter relying on magick.


The player can use Reflect to bounce the Reaper Mage's magicks back at it while focusing on the Reaper Claw with their attacks. The player can also try to fight them one at a time rather than both at once by getting one of their attention and then running away, and the reaper will follow with teleports while the other stays put.

Another strategy is to have reflect on everyone and then use a powerful group-casting cure spell to bounce it onto the reapers, who are damaged by it as they are undead.



A reaper is a farm tool or machine for harvesting grain. It comes from the word "reap", which means "to take" or "to cut", due to the association with the Grim Reaper.

The concept of death as a sentient entity has existed in many societies since the beginning of history. In English, Death is often given the name Grim Reaper and, from the 15th century onwards, came to be shown as a skeletal figure carrying a large scythe and clothed in a black cloak with a hood. In Japanese culture, the equivalent of the Grim Reaper is often the Shinigami, literally meaning "Death God".

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