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Reaper is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in Steyliff Grove and Zegnautus Keep. It is a Grim Reaper-like daemon that wields a bone with a red claw that resembles a scythe.

A Lv.25 reaper can appear in the Duscae Deathmatch league of Totomostro at night.


A sinister stranger roaming Duscae after dusk. The daemon strikes a familiar silhouette from afar, and those unfortunate enough to cross its path realize only too late that all is not what it appears. Said to haunt Steyliff Grove.
Size: 7.25 ft. Weight: 301.6 lb.
A reaper that escaped from a military research facility. Once thought to be a single specimen, reports of several such daemons roaming around debunked that original hypothesis. It now wanders the imperial capital, slashing through the silence with its enormous scythe.
Size: 7.21 ft. Weight: 301.6 lb.


Lvl 25 Enemy

Lvl 26 Enemy


The reaper uses both physical and magical attacks. It is weak to greatswords, shields and fire. It walks slowly, but attacks fast (although tends to attack infrequently, wasting a lot of time pacing around) and its weapon gives it reach. The attack it begins by jumping to slam the scythe down upon the player can be parried. The reaper's long range attack is a dark burst of magical energy.


Reapers are unremarkable enemies and should be easy to defeat. Their physical attacks can be dodged and parried.

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A reaper is a farm tool or machine for harvesting grain. It comes from the word "reap," which means "to take" or "to cut", due to the association with the Grim Reaper.


  • The Lv.26 version of reaper is not in the official guide as Verse 2 was added to the game later in a patch. Thus it also doesn't have any elemental or weapon weaknesses or resistances, and yields no EXP or drops.
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