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Reach the Sector 8 Station is the second quest of Chapter 2, "Fateful Encounters", in Final Fantasy VII Remake, taking place in Sector 8. Having escaped to the Sector 8 Business District, Barret Wallace instructs that Avalanche return home to their base in Sector 7.


Head downstairs onto the street, where a short cutscene commences. After walking forward a little, Jessie Rasberry will give Cloud a Healing Materia Healing Materia, with the option of a tutorial to explain how to equip Magic Materia Magic Materia in the menu. Equip the materia to use the Cure Cure ability, which allows Cloud to heal himself without relying on items. After this, Jessie will also give Cloud items depending on the timer that the player selected in "Set the Charge".

Once Jessie leaves, follow the linear path north, along the parts of the street that are not blocked by debris. Non-player character dialogue can be heard by walking alongside them, or by interacting with them. At the very northern end of the street, debris blocks the way, but Jessie will call out to Cloud. She is standing atop a load of debris for herself, and will direct Cloud to look at her. Direct the camera to look above the debris, where she is standing. After this, she will instruct Cloud to use the stairs to the right. Take the stairs up to where she is standing.

After using them, Cloud will be atop debris, with a path forward to a ladder. Upon reaching it, an explosion will follow, and Cloud will fall down to a passable street. Carry on through to the Sector 8 Station, where an explosion blocks the path forward. This leads directly into the next quest, "Follow Him".