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FFX Razzia

Razzia in Final Fantasy X.

Razzia (シュメルツェンド, Shumerutsendo?, lit. Schmerzende) is a recurring ability in the series used by Sandy of the Magus Sisters.

Appearances Edit

Final Fantasy X Edit

Razzia is used by Sandy, and is an enemy ability by Sandy and Dark Sandy. When used by Sandy, it has a power of 21, targets one enemy, can critical, and ignores Heavy/Tough status. When used by Dark Sandy, it has a power of 100, targets one enemy, can critical, inflicts physical damage upwards to 169,710~191,631 damage, ignores Heavy/Tough status, has a 30% chance of destroying a target that is under Petrification, and removes Auto-Life from the target.

Final Fantasy X-2 Edit

Razzia is an enemy ability used by Sandy, which inflicts moderate non-elemental damage to one target.

Final Fantasy Dimensions II Edit

The first and second signets of Wrieg's Sandy eidolon have the summon attack of Razzia, which deals fire-elemental damage to all enemies. Using Razzia costs 2 bars from the Summon Gauge.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

Razzia is an enemy ability used by Sandy's Final Fantasy X version, and inflicts non-elemental physical damage to one target.

Gallery Edit

Etymology Edit

The word razzia probably arose via French or Italian from Arabic ghazw غزو = "raiding".

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