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Razfahd is a mission boss in Final Fantasy XI: Treasures of Aht Urhgan. He is fought in the first half of the mission battlefield Nashmeira's Plea. Razfahd is operating the Iron Colossus from within and is fought alongside Raubahn. Razfahd needs only be reduced to 50% health in order to progress to the second phase of the battlefield where players fight Alexander.

Razfahd does not move at all, and so can be easily avoided whilst players deal with Raubahn. With no players in range of melee attacks, Razfahd will attempt to cast spells but has relatively slow casting intervals.

At 50% health, Razfahd will use Perfect Defense which renders him immune to all damage. Provided that Raubahn has also been defeated, the battlefield will then proceed to the second phase after a short cutscene.


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