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Razfahd is the main antagonist of Final Fantasy XI: Treasures of Aht Urhgan. He is Nashmeira's elder brother, and the Grand Vizier of the Empire of Aht Urhgan.


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Razfahd is the theoretical owner of Mnejing, even though he never really took much interest in him. He was next in line for the throne until a near-fatal accident in his youth left him with no recourse but accepting a transfusion of beastman blood. Because of this, his father deemed him unfit to govern, and he instead helped his younger sister rule, all the while scheming behind her back in order to achieve his own goals. He believes that Nashmeira is too kind-hearted and immature to rule, and intends to revive Alexander, believing that he will protect Aht Uhrgan and allow it to rule over Vana'diel.

He ignores the fact that a battle between Alexander and Odin is what destroyed the nation of Alzadaal in the past, believing that a custom-made Automaton body will allow him to control Alexander. However, events prove him wrong, as Alexander stops responding to commands and kills Nashmeira. When Razfahd realizes his mistake, he sacrifices himself and effectively manages to stop Alexander, even though it is not exactly clear how he achieves this. After Alexander is defeated, Ghatsad manages to recreate Mnejing and Ovjang, and the former's new behavioral pattern contains some of Razfahd's mannerisms.

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