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I've got me a nose for ill intent. I'll take the measure of 'im.

Raz is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. He is a member of Reddas's crew, along with Rikken and Elza.



Raz is a tiny bangaa, and he can always be seen with a parrot on his head. He is the smaller bangaa seen in all of Ivalice games. In Revenant Wings he flies on a little hover-board depicted with tiny angel wings.


Raz is loyal to his leader, and considers himself one of the fastest people in Ivalice.


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Final Fantasy XIIEdit

The party encounters Raz at Balfonheim Port after talking to Reddas. He is with Rikken and Elza just outside Reddas's manse. Claiming to be a good judge of character, Raz inspects the party, and claims that they measure up to his expectations. Elza remarks about how Raz could barely measure anything, given his height, but this does not faze Raz.

After the party returns from the Pharos, Raz is surprised to hear of Reddas's death. When Elza says that Reddas had intended to die all along, Raz does not accept it. Elza asks if Raz would like to upset Reddas for all eternity by worrying, which makes Raz change his tone. He wishes his late master peace in the afterlife.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant WingsEdit

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Rikken, Elza, and Raz return and encounter the party over several islands of Lemurés.

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Vaan can challenge Rikken, Elza, and Raz for a foot race through the streets of Balfonheim any time after meeting them. Racing requires pressing two buttons and winning nets Potions and other curative items. Beyond level 30 winning yields Unpurified Ethers and Elixirs. At tier 100 the player gets 10,000 gil.

Raz is the fastest of the three, but he trips a lot, causing him to almost always lose the first races. Beyond the 40th level Raz no longer trips on his own (apart for one fall at the beginning) and Vaan has to prompt it by intercepting Raz's trajectory or approaching him from the side. If the player fails to stop him, Raz will win the race.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit


Raz appears with a water-elemental card depicting his Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings artwork.


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