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Professor Rayleigh is a character in Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-. She is a researcher working for Shinra. Rayleigh appears in Chapter 5 in Midgar.


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Rayleigh witnessing the Death spell.

The player Turk is ordered to protect Professor Rayleigh from the forces of AVALANCHE. She is carrying classified materials on SOLDIER, and so is a highly valuable target. A young Shinra guard, Cloud Strife, along with two other grunts are also ordered to take part in the mission. As the group begins to move, AVALANCHE attacks. The player Turk is able to defeat all of them, but an AVALANCHE member clad in black, one of Fuhito's Ravens, kills off the two Shinra soldiers with a Death spell. While the player Turk is fighting with the Raven, Rayleigh is captured and brought on a train.

Cloud, wishing to prove himself, jumps onto the train to rescue the Professor. Using the tunnels beneath Midgar, the player Turk catches up to the train and jumps on board. He or she saves Cloud from the Ravens, but is faced with a choice: save the data or save Rayleigh. The Turk decides to save Rayleigh, and the data falls into the hands of AVALANCHE, but Rayleigh informs the player that her fingerprints are needed to access that data.

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Behind the scenes[]

The Diabolic Creation from "Episode INTERmission" of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is a mutated version of Rayleigh.[1] Its Japanese is Heretic Rayleigh (ヘレティックレイリー, Heretikku Reirī?), sharing similarities to Hojo's mutated form in the original game known as "Heretic Hojo".


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