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Ravus is fought as a boss in Final Fantasy XV during the Reunion and Recovery Main Quest. He is also fought as a boss by Ignis alone in Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis.


The daemonic form taken by Ravus Nox Fleuret after succumbing to the Starscourge. Although he lost most of his consciousness in the devolution, he still manages to suppress his more sinister urges with what little willpower he can muster.
Height: 9 ft. 3 in. Weight: 356.7 lb.


Chapter 13 battle[]

Ravus talks half damage from elemancy, but is weak to light. He uses Dark-elemental attacks. He is slow, staggering about, but he is strong. Though he walks slowly, he can suddenly dash across the room, dealing damage to anyone on his path. This dash attack can be parried. His sword-smash attack has incredible range. This attack is telegraphed by Ravus holding his weapon above his head before slamming it down. It can also be parried. He can sink his sword into the floor to summon dark tentacles to impale a target from the ground up, which momentarily stops those it hits. This attack can be dodged.

After taking ~20% damage, Ravus's mutated side begins to glow and he starts to use an area of effect darkness attack by releasing a massive wave of dark energy, which at first explodes around him in a circle and the shockwave spreads outward. If the player dodgerolls right as the shockwave is about to hit Noctis, they can avoid damage. Being far enough away from him also avoids damage. Ravus begins to dash around the room more frequently and attack faster. When he has lost ~70% of his health, Ravus begins to glow even more brightly and begins to use an attack where he charges for a moment, and then releases a long-reaching white shockwave to deal damage to all around him. The best way to avoid it is to point-warp as Ravus is gathering energy.

There are point-warp spots in the side and the ceiling of the battlefield where the player can retreat to recuperate, and to escape if Ravus is about to use one of his powerful attacks.

When vulnerable, Ravus kneels on the ground, temporarily incapacitated. Summons are not available during this battle.


The player can summon Umbra in a break room to return to Lucis or Altissia to get food buffs from recipes or restaurants, and bring the buffs to the battle by returning to the present. Darkness-resistant equipment can be useful, such as Ardyn's Ensemble (from Episode Ardyn, grants perfect defense against darkness that also empowers Noctis when he is affected by it), the King's Knight Tee (free DLC), Blade of the Mystic, Scepter of the Pious, Durandal (which is also light-elemental, which Ravus is weak to), and darkness-resistant accessories, such as the Dark Crest.

The key is to keep an eye on Ravus and anticipate his attacks to dodge, block/parry and avoid them. Getting behind Ravus triggers blindside attacks and blindside links with Gladiolus and Prompto, but Ignis can't participate. The player can equip Gladiolus and Prompto with Friendship Bands to trigger link-strikes easier.

Ignis can't use Regroup, so the player can be vigilant to heal with items and Healcast-type elemancy. However, the other party members, especially Ignis, will struggle to avoid Ravus's attacks as well as the player can, so it might be difficult to keep them alive. One may opt to let them die, as avoiding Ravus's attacks as just Noctis is fairly easy after becoming familiar with his moves.

Prompto's Piercer can be good for making Ravus vulnerable. Using Techniques when Ravus is about to do a powerful attack can avoid damage, as the party is invincible during Technique animations. The player can also point-warp to safety when Ravus is preparing a powerful move.

Armiger is powerful, and the Holy spell from the Ring of the Lucii hits Ravus's weakness. The Magitek Exosuit makes the party invincible and can be used for the battle.

Episode Ignis[]

Don't try to justify this! She didn't need to die!

Ravus when fought as a boss

Ravus is fought by Ignis at the end of Chapter 2 of Episode Ignis on the Altar of the Tidemother. He could be considered the "true" final boss of the canon part of the episode, as the following battle is unwinnable.

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