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Raviesse is a playable character of War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Known as the Castaway in Sacred Armor, Raviesse is a swordsman who ventured to the far east to train herself in the arts of a samurai, although her true objective remains yet to be seen.



Raviesse is a young woman with short, white hair. She has teal eyes with a pink tint. She wears two golden diamond-shaped earrings with holes in the middle. She wears a blue collared cape lined with gold and having yellow fabric at its ends. She wears a white breastplate with a shield insignia at its middle. She wears two white pauldrons that also show her blue sleeves. She wears a white undershirt tied up with a blue corset and a brown belt. She wears blue lower garments and wears white greaves.


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Event story[]

In Search of Thunderedge[]

Ep. 1: Put My Training to the Test[]

Raviesse is surrounded by monsters, which she eliminates after taunting them to come at her. She calls out to a hidden presence and a blue-haired young woman and her forces appear to her. The woman is impressed by Raviesse's display while Raviesse states she now sympathizes with Miranda upon encountering those with impure intentions intruding on the sacred lands of the east. Raviesse threateningly asks what the young woman's intentions are, with the woman mentioning that despite her looks, she is faint of heart. The woman goes on to state that she is looking for the masters of the east, while Raviesse asks her what her business is with the masters. She tells Raviesse that she was ordered to find them and doesn't know why, threatening Raviesse with her soldiers to lead her to the masters. Raviesse mentions it's a good time to put her training to the test while the young woman tells her soldiers to put Raviesse in her place.

Ep. 2: Searching for the Masters[]

Raviesse is exhausted as the young woman stands before her, stating Raviesse is all bark and no bite. She asks Raviesse about information on the masters however a voice interjects and asks what the young woman intends to do when she finds that out. Varush introduces himself and tells Raviesse that he's heard of her from Owe and Seymore as a passionate girl who isn't much else. Varush asks the young woman who she is and she introduces herself as Lumeide, a member of the Arms Dealers' Guild who is looking for the masters of the east. Lumeide asks Varush if he can introduce her to the six masters, bewildering Raviesse who didn't realize there were six. Raviesse asks Varush if he's a master, to which he denies but Raviesse does get the feeling she's seen him before. Varush explains that he arrived in Ardra many years ago and was immersed in his training ever since, stating simply that Owe and Seymore are his friends. He asks Lumeide if she's more interested in Owe and Seymore's swords, which Lumeide confirms and sends her soldiers to attack Raviesse and Varush.

Ep. 4: Swordsman Varush II[]

After routing Lumeide's soldiers, Lumeide comments on Varush's strength. Varush asks Lumeide to tell him what the Arms Dealer's Guild is planning, with the latter mentioning that the guild has a new leader. Varush confirms that it seems Garvall had taken over, with Lumeide showing surprise as she thought he'd been living in the mountains for years. Varush says he has shinobi that relay daily happenings to him, surprising Raviesse. Lumeide tells the pair that Garvall has tasked her with collecting the six swords belonging to the masters of the east, by whatever means necessary. She states she doesn't know why she's been tasked with locating the swords, only following her orders from Garvall. Varush informs Lumeide that the masters have crossed over to the mainland and that Lumeide's business is finished here. He then asks Lumeide if he can gain passage on the Arms Dealers' Guild's ship, to which Lumeide feigns ignorance. However, Varush saw their gigantic ship and tells Lumeide that he wishes to pay his respects at Owe's grave. Raviesse is shocked at the news of Owe's death and Lumeide tells Varush that he can accompany them.

Ep. 5: Arms Dealers' Guild's Vessel[]

Raviesse and Varush arrive at the gigantic vessel of the Arms Dealer's Guild. Both are awed by the size of the ship as a voice asks the pair who dares approach it. As guild soldiers materialize in front of the duo, Lumeide appears and tells them to be civil as they are not the masters of the east that they're seeking, with Varush mentioning they're just extra passengers. Raviesse has qualms about boarding the vessel so Varush tells Raviesse to hold down the fort instead.

The ship begins its voyage toward the mainland with Raviesse and Varush in tow. Varush comments loudly on the fact that Raviesse is on board and she retorts by saying that Owe was not her only master and Seymore had trained her as well. Varush asks Lumeide to tell him more about Garvall, stating that he's heard talk that Garvall is systematically killing off swordsmiths across the continent. Lumeide mentions that without new weapons circulating, it would weaken the major powers of Ardra, with Varush concluding that the Arms Dealers' Guild is trying to become its own nation. Lumeide tells the pair that they wouldn't understand, with Varush mentioning that it seems to be the wish of the Yezagh people. Lumeide asks Varush if he's aware of her background and he confirms that he had a feeling she was from Yezagh. Raviesse is curious about Lumeide's heritage and Lumeide tells her to scorn her all she likes. Raviesse states that she does not discriminate based on blood or birth. Varush comments on seeing the mainland and how good it feels to be back, impressed by how fast the ship has sailed.

Ep. 6: To His Grave I[]

Raviesse and Varush depart off the ship as Varush gives thanks for the passage. Lumeide tells him not to sweat it as they are friends now. As Raviese and Varush leave, Lumeide tells a soldier to go wake Lameiga from the ship's hold. A voice revealing himself to be Lameiga says he's awake and asks where the pair are headed. Lumeide says they're going to Owe's grave and that they must be feeling pressed not to let anyone else gain Owe's sword. Lameiga is impressed by Lumeide's deviousness and asks her if they should depart as well.

Ep. 8: The Abandoned Anvil Castle I[]

As Raviesse and Varush arrive at Anvil Castle, Varush asks Raviesse if she feels something. Raviesse kneels to the ground and says there is a faint smell of blood and traces of a chaos of screams, concluding that it was here that Owe lost his life. Varush looks around finds Owe's grave, with the pair kneeling before it in respect. The pair sense a presence behind them and turn to see Lumeide and Lameiga surrounding them with guild soldiers. Lumeide introduces them to her twin brother Lameiga and the twins thank the pair for being excellent guides and leading them to Owe's sword. Raviesse denounces the twins as Lumeide reminds her that she let them board her ship. Raviesse states that doesn't mean they have the right to do what they're doing, telling the twins that they will never let them have the sword. Lameiga says he won't go easy on them and will give the pair what for, having heard that the two are a tough match.

Ep. 10: Whereabouts of the Blade[]

After the battle, Lumeide and Lameiga are wounded as their soldiers have fallen to Raviesse and Varush. Lameiga says they'll fall back for now but that they haven't seen the last of them, retreating with his sister. Raviesse asks Varush to explain himself, asking why he would board the ship knowing full well they would be pursued. Varush asks Raviesse if she's suggesting he would have lost, with Raviesse stating it isn't out of the realm of possibility. Varush retorts by saying it is outside unequivocally, stating that the twins probably now think they have Owe's sword. Raviesse realizes that Varush led them to Anvil Castle so he could ensure that they wouldn't desecrate Owe's grave, to which Varush confirms. He tells her that they aren't actually at Owe's grave, stating that it is customary in the east to stack three stones in front of the grave before praying for the peaceful slumber of the deceased. Raviesse asks Varush if it was possible that those who had laid Owe to rest were unaware of the customs of the east, with Varush telling her to ask them herself. The pair turn around and encounter Rafale and Eliza, who mention that the grave is their sentiment while inquiring about the pair's intentions. A voice tells Rafale and Eliza to stand down, revealing herself to be Queen Helena. Helena gathers they're from the east, with Varush confirming it so and begins explaining their situation.

After being informed of the pair's situation, Helena is understanding while Rafale and Eliza still cast suspicion on the pair. Helena brandishes Owe's sword, stating it to be the disgrace of Leonis that an honored guest in their kingdom was embroiled into their war. Helena asks why the sword is being sought out, with Varush asking her if she's familiar with Masachika, the legendary swordsmith. Helena confirms she's heard of him and Varush explains that Masachika had sacrificed his soul to forge the ultimate blade. Fearing that the blade may be used for evil, Masachika had sealed away his crowning achievement. Helena asks about the blade's location and Varush mentions that the clues to where it can be found are hidden in the inscriptions of six different swords that were entrusted to the masters of the east for protection. He confirms that the Arms Dealers' Guild is trying to obtain all six swords, prompting Helena to mention that Varush should carry the sword with him. Varush asks her if she is certain he should have it. Helena tells him that her son, Sterne, is currently being puppeted by the Sadali as a tool for slaughter. Helena goes on to mention that Sterne cannot be allowed to see a memento from Owe, whom he had idolized as if he were his true father. Varush says he understands and that when everything has been settled, he will return the sword to her. Helena thanks him and gives him the sword, with Varush eyeing the sword and commenting on its namesake of Thunderedge. He tells Helena he will track down the remaining five swords at whatever the cost.


A swordsman who roamed the land on her own after losing her parents and younger brother. She ventured to the far east for a certain purpose and told Owe and Seymore that she wished to become a samurai of the east, but what is her true aim...?

Character description

Raviesse is an MR-rarity unit of the Lightning element whose main job is Paladin, while her sub jobs are Thief and Samurai. She can equip the following items: Sword, Shield, Helm, Armor, Accessory. Her unit cost is 60.

Her Master Ability increases her own Evasion by 10 and decreases her AP Consumption Rate by 20. She has no limit burst.

The sword used by Raviesse's father. The strong bloodlust of its wielder now dwells inside what was once an ordinary sword. Filled with negative emotions from countless battles, it may become a cursed sword if such bloodthirsty behavior continues.

Hollow Slave description

Her Trust Master Reward is the Hollow Slave weapon which bestows HP +66, ATK +117, EVA +10 and Acquired JP Up 30%.

Vision cards[]

A Vow to Meet Again

A Vow to Meet Again.

During their time together as apprentices in the east, Miranda and Raviesse forged not only an excellent rivalry, but also an unbreakable friendship. Having overcome the hatred in her heart, Raviesse chased mastery ever-higher. Miranda, though she too has grown, had begun to sense the limits of her strength. Their master, Seymore, saw it as well—the impatience and hesitation behind Miranda's blade.
And thus Seymore made the decision to take Miranda to the mainland, in hope that the challenges of a new, more demanding environment would help strengthen her resolve. Raviesse, whom Seymore considered not ready for such trials, remained in the east to further her training. The night before their fated farewell, they faced each other one last time. Through tears they looked proudly upon one another, commending a battle well fought.
When the new day finally dawned, they made a vow to one day meet again—but only after they have each become stronger. Their smiles, though heavy the night before, shined bright with hope for the future.

Vision card description

A Vow to Meet Again is a UR-rarity vision card with a cost of 70. At Lv. 99, its stats are HP +332 and MAG +184. Its Party Abilities are Water Unit AGI Up 15%, Water Unit Missile Attack Res Up 10 and Water Unit Lightning Attack Res Up 20. Its Limited Bestowed Effects are MAG Up 10%, DEF Up 10 and Evasion Down 5 for Water units only, as well as Max HP Up 10% and Magic Attack Up 10 for Miranda only and Max HP Up 10% for Raviesse only. It was illustrated by G-ROW Art.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Raviesse was ranked 18th with 809 votes in the Character Popularity Poll for the global server's Six-Month Anniversary Celebration.[1]