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The Ravens are a squad of genetically engineered super soldiers created under the supervision of the AVALANCHE member Fuhito in Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-. Fuhito creates the group using data he had gathered on SOLDIER. The Ravens' main purpose was to serve directly under Fuhito as his enforcers to further complete his plan of "purging the planet".

Ravens have advanced fighting skills and can heal from wounds at a fast rate. A consequence of these new-found abilities is losing most of one's humanity. Many Ravens are encountered throughout the Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- storyline. Other than Essai and Sebastian, two SOLDIERs forcibly mutated, only the Ravens Kanos, Kyneugh, and Tierce are referred to by names.


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A Raven casting a Death spell.

The first time encountering Ravens is in Episode 5 of Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- when the Player Turk meets Cloud. The Ravens are sent by Fuhito to obtain a disc of information on SOLDIER from the scientist Rayleigh. All of her personal guards, besides Cloud, are killed by Ravens.

The Raven sent to retrieve the disc with information on SOLDIER takes Rayleigh hostage. The Player Turk is ordered to obtain the disc, even at the cost of Rayleigh's life. Cloud gets in the way to protect her, allowing AVALANCHE to escape on the train with Rayleigh and the disc. While the player Turk fights a Raven Cloud boards the train to try and rescue Rayleigh.

The Player Turk boards the train by taking a shortcut through a center pillar the train loops around and when on the train, encounters several more Ravens. The Player Turk does not believe to be strong enough to handle more than two Ravens at a time.

The Player Turk separates the train cart that Cloud and Rayleigh are on to keep AVALANCHE from them, but AVALANCHE catches up once their cart comes to a stop. A Raven assaults Cloud and Rayleigh, which the player Turk defeats. When the Player Turk steps outside of the stopped train with Cloud to fight off AVALANCHE, the Raven the player Turk defeated in the cart Rayleigh was in springs back to life and takes the disc from Rayleigh.

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