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Raven (レイブン, Reibun?) is a recurring title from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, appearing in the world of Lapis. It originated in a legendary noble thief, who stood in the name of justice and targeted those who abused their power, taking their riches and giving them to the poor. The silhouette of him saving the weak, and running through the night with his black cape flowing behind him gave him the name.

Technically the title of "Raven" is official only for the successors of the first Raven: the leaders of the Shadow Raven organization. However, there are plenty of people all over Lapis working under the name, according to Jake. In Zoldaad, all those who go by the name Raven are part of the rebel army.


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The original Raven was the name of legendary thief who founded a band of noble thieves. Several members use an animal motif to name themselves after. The first Raven pursued and acquired several treasures which he eventually hid in the multiple vaults. Many doubt his existence, but his successors continues his work from the shadows.

The legend of this noble thief inspired many others who work for justice.

Among them, Jake was inspired to take on the name, which he used for his rebel army. He and his comrades operate in the Zoldaad Empire and work to end the authoritarian rule of Emperor Sozhe in the continent, wherein its military institutions grow ever stronger and scoff at the rule of law. Due to Sozhe pursuing an arms race in order to secure resources for his nation and making Zoldaad a bigger power, the citizens are forced into a military career while also being heavily taxed. The situation makes life in the empire a living hell with little hope for change.

Eventually Jake meets Rain and his party and convinces them to join his movement as Zoldaad is preparing to invade Grandshelt for resources. Rain and Lasswell knowing that their nation cannot withstand an invasion after being assaulted by the Sworn Six of Paladia are forced to assist the rebel movement.

The rebels succeed in destroying important targets, including the Empire's communication tower and the Fire Crystal, the Empire's main source of energy. The rebels are able to rescue Crown Prince Shera who was imprisoned on suspicion of treason, due to helping the rebels and managed to confront Emperor Sozhe himself who was brainwashed by Dr. Lazarov to perform his cruel experiments on eternal life.

Emperor Sozhe is defeated and with his dying wish, Shera is crowned Emperor. The party pursues Lazarov in command of the airship, the Invincible, encountering Lid's older brother, Evan who was also controlled by Lazarov. Evan regains his senses and uses his airship, the Enterprise, to pursue Lazarov. The party infiltrates the Invincible and catches up to Lazarov who battles the party but is defeated by them and later finished off by Veritas of the Heavens who wants to reclaim the Invincible from the mad scientist. Heavens regains control of the Invincible and departs Zoldaad.

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The original Raven serves as a major optional side story for the player. By finding the vaults (unlocked through different means), the player can access the many treasures found in each vault. In order to reclaim them, the player needs to find keys for that vault which are found in treasure chests in towns, explorations, or given as quest rewards.