A magical statue of a deity engineered in the era of Müllenkamp.

In-game description

Ravana is an minor boss from Vagrant Story, fought in the Pressing area in Iron Maiden B2. Ravana is relatively easy to beat by the time the player reaches Iron Maiden B2. The player should cast Degenerate on Ravana, and bestow Herakles and Prostasia on Ashley.

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Etymology[edit | edit source]

Ravana (Sanskrit: रावण) is a legendary, demonic king of Sri Lanka, said to have ruled the island 6,000 years ago. He is shown to have ten heads and twenty arms. After attaining the graces and blessings of the Gods Brahma and Shiva, Ravana is made invulnerable to Gods, Demons, and Spirits. Humans are excluded since Ravana does not see them to be a threat. Ravana is the central villain of the Sanskrit epic Ramayana, in which he is depicted as reigning supreme over all of creation due to his immeasurable power, having subdued even the heavens; however, his downfall begins as he steals Sita, the wife of the hero, Rama, the God Vishnu in human form. Rama travels to Sri Lanka and defeats Ravana's army, then kills the demon king with an arrow targeted at his source of immortality.

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