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Raulf is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV. He is the main character of culinarian questline during the Stormblood expansion.


Raulf is an adventurer-cook Ala Mhigan, due to trying to pursue both careers at the same time ended up failing to stand out in any. Recognizing his limits, he has resolved to focus purely on the culinary arts and has taken up a post at Rowena's café. In order to distinguish himself in this crowded profession, he intends to incorporate Far Eastern dishes into the menu and cater to the local Doman population. Seeing an inspiration in the Warrior of Light, Raulf made his way to Bismarck to ask the Warrior of Light for help in his tasks.

Raulf reveals to the Warrior of Light that Anzu, a doman refugee is in fact his bride but her father, Unzan, refuses to accept him as his son-in-law. Believing it was because he was an adventurer, Raulf decided to give up his adventurer life to focus on cooking. The choice of Far Eastern cuisine was also aimed at getting approval, but there is a problem: Unzan himself is a chef who had his own restaurant in Doma. Subsequently Unzan reveals his true reason for rejecting Raulf: his Ala Mhigan blood. Unzan says their blood is Yanxia's pride, and only a man of equally pure lineage is suitable for his daughter. Dejected, Raulf decides to return to being an adventurer and leaves.

Raulf as an adventurer.

After pondering Unzan's words about the purity of Far Eastern cuisine, Raulf identified the reason why his claim is wrong. Raulf says that the first Far Eastern dish he ate was sukiyaki. His taste has unearthed long-buried memories of an identical stew from his childhood in Ala Mhigo, and he believes there is a connection between the two. To verify his theory, Raulf leaves for the village of Ala Ghiri in the Peaks region. When investigating the stew, they discover that the recipe is called buckler stew, the recipe was marketed to Radz-at-Han, who did business with Far East, once the recipe reached Far East, the recipe was adapted to the ingredients of the region.

The Warrior of Light prepares the doman sukiyaki and Raulf prepares the buckler stew. The two dishes are placed in front of Unzan and Anzu, who are shocked to discover that, despite their apparent differences, they taste almost identical. Raulf goes on to explain how Ala Mhigan's cornbread stew was reborn in Doma as sukiyaki, his arrival giving rise to new possibilities in Far Eastern cuisine. After reconsidering the origins, Unzan invited Raulf to join the meal as a gesture of showing his blessing. With Unzan's blessing, Raulf says that he and Anzu will get married at the first opportunity and then declares that he will hang his adventurer hat forever and resume his post at the cafe, serving dishes from the Far East.




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