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Raspatil is a monstrous Undying-type Cie'th in Final Fantasy XIII-2 with a winged serpentine body, multiple arms, and six insectoid legs. It is a rare enemy on the beach in Oerba 400 AF and activating the Battlemania Fragment Skill makes it appear more frequently.

Defeating it on Normal Mode unlocks the Fair Fighter trophy/achievement for the player.



Raspatil summons other Cie'th into battle, including Wladislaus, Vampires, and Varcolaci. If the player ignores them, Raspatil will cast Beseech to consume them to heal herself, prolonging the battle.


It is recommended to have a nearly maxed Crystarium with over 6000 HP and, if possible, 1000+ Magic for Serah and 8000 HP and 1000+ Strength for Noel, though it is possible to defeat Raspatil with lower stats.

Having high damage dealing Commando and Ravager monsters is helpful. For a Synergist, having a high-leveled Purple Chocobo is effective for offensive buffs, or simply using Yakshini's Feral Link to cast most of the buffs.

One method to winning consists of the following paradigms:

  • Espionage (SAB/SAB/SYN)
  • Cerberus-X (COM/COM/COM)
  • Tri-Disaster-X (RAV/RAV/RAV)
  • Rapid Growth (SYN/SYN/SYN)
  • Convalescence (MED/MED/SYN)
  • Conservation (SEN/SEN/SYN)

The player should start by casting Deprotect, Deshell and Imperil until they stick on Raspatil. Having a Purple Chocobo passively casting buffs is helpful. Once all three debuffs are on Raspatil, and all the party members have been buffed, player should switch over to Tri-Disaster-X and focus on raising the Raspatil's stagger gauge. Once Raspatil calls for allies, the party should switch to Cerberus-X and take them all out quickly.

The player should focus on building Raspatil's chain to 999% and then switch to Cerberus-X to deal heavy damage. Once Raspatil is about to leave stagger, Noel should use Meteor Javelin. If Raspatil isn't close to being beat yet, the party should switch over to Convalescence (or Salvation) and heal and rebuff. If the party is taking too much damage, they can switch to Rapid Growth and use Noel to cast Protectga and Shellga.

If at any point should Raspatil use Aleph Zero, the party should switch to Conservation or Tortoise to help nullify damage.

If the player is at the final parts of the game, Raspatil is easy to defeat using a Purple Chocobo, Blue Chocobo and a powerful Commando monster. Using a paradigm with RAV/RAV/RAV followed by COM/COM/COM, it is possible defeat Raspatil at the first stagger before she can summon any of the stronger Cie'th.

The player can defeat Raspatil repeatedly to farm gil. Noel and Serah should be equipped with Durable Collector Catalogs to maximize earnings, and their respective ATB Speed: +50% weapons. One should use a Commando, Ravager and Synergist as the battle will be straightforward offensive. The recommended Monsters are Chichu, Cloudburst and Purple Chocobo, although if the player has access to DLC monsters, those are preferable.

Behind the scenes[]

It is possible that Raspatil was once a Cocoon l'Cie, as when she charges the sphere for the Aleph Zero, the rotating brand of Lindzei appears beneath the charging sphere. Raspatil, Gorgyra, Edimmu and Zenobia are the only Cie'th to be identified as female.

Raspatil's model was already present in the data of Final Fantasy XIII, but went unused. The bosses Grendel and Parandus from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII are based on the Raspatil model, the major differences is that Raspatil more arms and has a flesh tail.

Raspatil is the only Cie'th that has her brand on her back.



Raspatil's Japanese name is Attila. Its English name may be a combination of "Rasputin" and "Attila".

Two origins of the name "Attila" have been proposed: East Germanic or Turkic/Mongolic. In East Germanic origin, it would be formed from the Gothic or Gepidic noun atta, "father", by means of the diminutive suffix -ila, meaning "little father". If the name derives from a Turkic origin, it comes from attíl- with the meaning "the oceanic, universal ruler".

Attila the Hun was the name of the feared ruler of the Hunnic Empire and leader of the Huns.

Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin was a Russian peasant, mystic, faith healer and private adviser to the Romanovs who became an influential figure in Saint Petersburg, especially after August 1915 when Tsar Nicolas II took command of the army at the front. He was killed as he was seen by both the left and right to be the root cause of Russia's despair during World War I.

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