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Rasp is an Elemental Black Magic spell from Final Fantasy XI. It is one of the several elemental damage over time spells available to Black Mages.


Rasp can be learned by Black Mages at level 18. Its scroll can be purchased in all three starter cities from Black Magic vendors.


Rasp is an Earth-elemental spell that deals Earth damage over time and lowers an enemy's Dexterity.

It negates the Shock spell's effect and is negated by the Choke spell's effect. Rasp, Drown, and Frost are a family of compatible effects that can all stack together. Burn and Rasp also stack.


Rasp is an English verb meaning is to scrape or file down. Since many iterations of the spell throughout the series involve damaging a target's MP, or dealing damage over time, this definition is likely the most appropriate.