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Prince Rasler B'nargin Dalmasca is a historical character in Final Fantasy XIV. He was the prince of Dalmasca. He and his twin sister Princess Ashelia died around thirty years ago.

Encyclopædia Eorzea II establishes that the royalty maintain the same naming conventions as in Final Fantasy XII with the added member of Rasler.


Prince Rasler (left).

Rasler and Ashe appear in backstory of the Return to Ivalice arc. They are twins who were killed in the Garlean invasion 30 years ago. Rasler commanded Dalmasca's last stand at Nalbina Fortress, holding the line for six months before the Garleans killed him. Before dying, Rasler entrusted his sister's safety to Ba'Gamnan, a fusilier in the Dalmascan Army, along with an auracite necklace.

Unknown to Ba'Gamnan, Rasler had secretly instructed an elite unit led by Fran Eruyt to falsely assassinate the princess to make it appear that she was killed by Garlean soldiers, and then spirit her away to safety. Were the people of Dalmasca allowed to know Ashelia was still alive, they would be incensed to fight the Garleans to the last man, despite there being no hope of victory. Rather than watch his people die in vain, he devised a means of spiriting her away, even concealing his plan from his father, the king. The princess was put into a deep sleep using a method passed down among Fran's kin until the day arrived for the kingdom to be reborn.

As Ba'Gamnan was not informed of this plan, he believed the princess had died under his watch. Ba'Gamnan kept the auracite necklace as a reminder of his failure, and became a bandit seeking out more auracite for the power to undo his past mistakes.



Rasler only appears in monochrome artwork. He shares the same appearance as his Final Fantasy XII counterpart.