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RARE SQ is a promo arrangement album of songs from various Square Enix titles, including the Final Fantasy series. It contains various arrangements from other SQ series related albums, as well as several new remixes of music.

It was included with purchases of Final Fantasy Tribute ~Thanks~ from Tower Records or Village Vanguard stores.

Track list[]

  1. Soukaigi Medley (Fire Wire~Die On Destiny~Labyrinth) / Soukaigi — 6:03
    (双界儀 メドレー (Fire Wire~Die On Destiny~Labyrinth)/双界儀, [missing rōmaji]?)
    • Composed by Hiroki Kikuta / Arranged by Kenmochi Hidefumi
  2. [THERMOSPHERE] -Stage6 #2: Versus Schwarzgeist- / EINHÄNDER — 7:03
    (熱圏 [THERMOSPHERE] -Stage6 #2 対シュバルツガイスト-/EINHANDER, [missing rōmaji]?)
    • Composed by Kenichiro Fukui / Arranged by DJ OMKT
  3. MEGALOMANIA (RF remix) / LIVE A LIVE — 3:56
    • Composed by Yoko Shimomura / Arranged by RF
  4. FINAL FANTASY VII chiptune Medley (Main ThemeCid's ThemeCosmo CanyonThe Highwind Takes to the SkiesAerith's Theme) / FINAL FANTASY VII — 7:44
    (FINAL FANTASY VII chiptune メドレー (メインテーマ~シドのテーマ~星降る渓谷~空駆けるハイウィンド~エアリスのテーマ)/FINAL FANTASY VII, Mein Tēma~Shido no Tēma~Hoshi Furu Kyōkoku~Sora Kakeru Haiwindo~Earisu no Tēma?)
    • Composed by Nobuo Uematsu / Arranged by ASAGEN
  5. Clash on the Big Bridge / FINAL FANTASY V — 3:10
    (ビッグブリッヂの死闘/FINAL FANTASY V, Biggu Burijji no Shitō?)
    • Composed by Nobuo Uematsu / Arranged by Ryoji&Beta
  6. Eternal Wind (fly away birds mix) / FINAL FANTASY III — 5:15
    (悠久の風(fly away birds mix)/FINAL FANTASY III, Yūkyū no Kaze?)
    • Composed by Nobuo Uematsu / Arranged by DE DE MOUSE
  7. Aria / FINAL FANTASY VI — 5:34
    (アリア/FINAL FANTASY VI, Aria?)
    • Composed by Nobuo Uematsu / Arranged by The Reign Of Kindo
  8. Twister / The World Ends With You — 3:43
    (Twister/すばらしきこのせかい, [missing rōmaji]?)
    • Composed by Takeharu Ishimoto / Arranged by Novoiski
  9. Skullpion -Regeneration Type C- / Brave Fencer Musashi — 3:07
    (Skullpion -Regeneration Type C-/武蔵伝, [missing rōmaji]?)
    • Composed by Tsuyoshi Sekito / Arranged by S/18A E14
  10. Secret of Mana Medley / Secret of Mana — 1:39
    (聖剣伝説2 メドレー/聖剣伝説2, /Seiken Densetsu 2?)
    • Composed by Hiroki Kikuta / Arranged by pesama
  11. SQ PARTY Level.4 Live Set Re-EDIT — 19:34
    (SQ PARTY Level.4 Live Set, [missing rōmaji]?)
    • Arranged by The LASTTRAK

† The version of the Secret of Mana Medley on the disc is only the edited version available for preview on the Square Enix website. For the full version, customers must visit a website[1] where they will be provided a download link to a password-protected zip file of the mp3, and instructions on where to find the password on the cover slip included with the disc.

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