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Perform four weaker attacks at once.


Rapid Fire is a Ranger command ability in Final Fantasy V. It performs four attacks randomly among all enemies, at halved damage, ignoring Defense and Evasion. The ability effectively doubles a physical attackers' damage output, while spreading it among the enemy party, making it extremely potent. In combination with abilities from other jobs, Rapid Fire can be devastating lategame.

Rapid Fire is also the added ability of the Hayate Bow.


Rapid Fire is not innate to Rangers, and cannot be used until mastering the job at level 4, for a total of 500 AP (405 AP from level 3). At this point, the ability can be equipped in the ability slot by any job.


Rapid Fire's third and fourth hit will not dispel Confuse, Sleep, or Control. It will not trigger counters, and any added abilities from weapons will not activate.


Rapid Fire is an immensely powerful ability due to its damage output. It can double damage when used against a single target, or spread damage effectively among enemies when used against a group of them. The ability to ignore Evasion also means all attacks will connect. Combining it with Barehanded or Dual-Wield allows it to hit enemies eight times, as each of the four hits will hit twice.

Rapid Fire can be combined with Spellblade, allowing Spellblade to imbue a weapon with an effect (especially an elemental weakness) to then Rapid Fire against enemies. Combining this further with Dual-Wield can perform eight attacks against a targets' elemental weakness, which easily kills most enemies, including the superboss Omega.